The best iPhone Panoramic Photo App

The best iPhone Panoramic Photo App


Merlin Dean from shows how to take 360 degree panoramic photographs with your iPhone or Android. DMD Panoramics is an easy, seamless app — get your 360 degree circular shots now!

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  1. Wonderful ilikedabigbooty! Enjoy those pano shots!

  2. the camera quality doesn't look like it's using its full potential though

  3. I used DMD for a while before I found out about Photosynth… IMO the best panoramic app for iOS at this time.. And its free..

  4. Brian, reboot the iPad and try again, its worth not giving up!
    Smartphone Nirvana

  5. Hert thanks for letting us know mate. Thats about what I pay for a coffee at Starbucks so its still worth it :-]

  6. JayR I'll reveal a trick: Put someone in the pic on the left. As you slowly pan right, as soon as they leave the frame, have him run behind you to the right side of the frame. He'll show up twice in one picture. A body double of himself 🙂

  7. PogoBrandon thanks I appreciate that!
    Smartphone Nirvana

  8. Right on Crazycrader!
    Smartphone Nirvana

  9. I installed this app on my i pad it didn't work.

  10. What if people are moving around in the pic???

  11. great app love it works great!

  12. Thanks for the positive feedback Ron! Smartphone Nirvana

  13. Merlin, great video and very informative!

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