The best Flickr app for Windows 10

The best Flickr app for Windows 10


If you are a Flickr user you may want to check out the outstanding app Perfect Flicker for Windows 10 and Mobile! More info: Subscribe to our Youtube channel:

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  1. Does this app allow large downloads from Flickr? If not, can anyone suggest an app that's works with Win 10?

  2. Interesting. I must ask, what is you use Flickr for that Google Photos can't do better?

  3. How do i get that Widget? I need that (^_~)/

  4. Any info on that wallpaper you have?

  5. dude, we need more information about the surface phone

  6. There's some issues with auto upload. The app will upload old photos even if we selected "no" during the prompt. Also, auto upload only works when the app is in use. There's no background auto upload. Other than that, the app is good.

  7. may i have the link for your wallpaper please?

  8. Anyone knows what's the weather app at bottom left?

  9. Vielen Dank für die Info. Hab mir die App gleich mal runtergeladen 🙂

  10. Why doesn't Flickr have an official app?

  11. Omg I have been wanting an app like this for quite a while now

  12. Awesome, I have used Flickr central for Windows 10 mobile but this looks amazing.

  13. how about youtube app ?

    seems like much more important,
    especially for a tablet user

  14. Can't find it in the store. Geo-restricted?

  15. The lack of official apps on Windows 10 is really disappointing. Flickr, Tumblr, you name it

  16. try something unique with Windows.
    something like hidden tips, tricks,etc.

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