TECNO Camon CX Full Review – 7 Things to Know Before Buying!

TECNO Camon CX Full Review – 7 Things to Know Before Buying!


TECNO Camon CX Full (In-depth) Review

Buy Camon CX: http://bit.ly/BuyCamonCX

TECNO Camon CX – What to Expect Video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YWfHZSPuiwM

TECNO Camon CX – Unboxing Video -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9j3m_4evowA

TotallyNotItro – Envy_ EDM

M33 – Chants of Kalakuta (Deep House)


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  1. Correction at 4:34 The Multitasking Feature comes with Android 7.0 and is not a TECNO Camon CX feature. Sorry about that.

  2. Fisayo i believe this was the first phone review video i watched from you. I really appreciate all your tech videos, they are as always very informative. Thank you. Keep up the good work.

  3. Does tecno camon x support screen recording?

  4. It's a cool phone. great review

  5. what i ask is that i wan know how to restrict back grawund data i have serch many time but i can not find so i want you to look for it

  6. They really upgraded with this one

  7. Undoubtedly, the CX is a sleek phone.

  8. My brother please my channel subcribe

  9. hello boss Fisayo. please what camera did you use for making this video? a phone or dslr?

  10. Great review…. Really love this phone

  11. Please do a review of the tecno phantom 8 🆚 the Samsung galaxy A5 2017..

  12. Usless divace such chiip henset

  13. Hello, advice me what to do bcz mine (Tecno Comon CX), from its notification bar to the first icon line on the upper side of the screen doesn't work and it has naver fallen down.

  14. guy by my not working well on fingerprint

  15. Fisayo Fosudo did you notice the touch sensitivity problem it gives, i mean the way the screen misbehaves on its own.

  16. fisayo fosudo the laptop in the video is what product i want to buy that same type with the red keyboard

  17. hello Fisayo Fosudo nice job on your video are you a Nigerian

  18. Your review is second to none, Fisayo, you are simply great in this business. Wish you all the best on this. Please, I want to see your review on any new Huawei smartphone, I love that phone brand so much.

  19. I had to subscribe, keep it up brother

  20. I have gotten my own canon cx yesterday thanks for ur review

  21. Nice. Any chance of getting a review of the Tecno i7 or Tecno L9+

  22. I'm super impressed by this video. The quality was really nice. Heck I got carried away just appreciating the effort put into it.

  23. My camon cx has been hanging for 2days now, what should I do? And it's just 3months old

  24. M so impressed, I just subscribed… wud love to watch you grow. Just love this

  25. Flawless.!!! Brother you're going PLACES.!!!!

  26. The Camon CX is the phone for me as I like taking real nature pics. I will go for it tomorrow. Meanwhile, is it a phone that heats up after a bit of prolonged periods of use?

  27. what the tittle of the song in the background??? it lit..

  28. Hey man, great video… but you might want to practice mastering your audio properly to podcast standard volumes so you don't lose the audience. It was difficult to hear you at times. (Hint I have a couple Tut's to that effect on my channel)… I actually came here to watch this cus I am about to do a review of this phone as well. Nice to see a fellow Nigerian out here doing big things. Keep creating man!

  29. Pls cn u help me in knowing which phone outmost d other btn d cx n cx air.

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