SwapChat: the first SnapChat app for Windows Phone

SwapChat: the first SnapChat app for Windows Phone


We take a look at SwapChat Beta, the first SnapChat app for Windows Phone. More at http://winsource.com/

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  1. i am on the store and I typed swapchat and I can't see swapchat.

  2. Are u able to add people who are on the real snapchat

  3. someone could help me ? It is to follow a User 's snapchat by swapchat ?


  5. How to make videos on this App? It is even possible?

  6. will u get blocked off ur snap if u use swapchat

  7. what region to download swapchat ? Can you help me ???

  8. Can i get this app on nokia lumia 520?

  9. If you have a snapchat on an apple device can you log into swapchat with your snapchat account?

  10. Hey i have the app but when i try to sign up it says that my email can't be found, I've tried with two different emails.
    can you help?

  11. Does this connect with the iOS/android snapchat? Eg could a snap be sent/replied to an iphone??????? Thank you!

  12. It was on the Market but they took it down thats why nobody can find it, it was cross party and worked on all Windows phones

  13. Can I get this for nokia lumia 800?

  14. +fewoirj when will the app come ?

  15. yeah we're still waiting…. –'

  16. Can I get this on my nokia lumia 800?

  17. has anyone been able to access the snapchat as yet??

  18. how can i download snapchat or swapchat with Nokia lumia 900, need hjelp

  19. Omg c'mon Microsoft! We need the Official ..

  20. yes you can send it to people with snapchat

  21. Do you know when, exactly?

  22. Can someone tell me how to remove add on swapchat? I hate it

  23. When will I be able to get this?

  24. yes I was wondering the same thing

  25. can you send it to people with snap chat?

  26. when can we get this on store again ?? better be soon

  27. they removed it what inbreds

  28. the app is deleted you can add people from snapchat

  29. why cant i find this app on my nokia lumia 620 windows phone?

  30. @i8uurmuffin When you are on the camera (on the app) press the button in the bottom right. This should bring a list of your friends up. Click and hold on the friend you want to delete and press delete

  31. @RACHELLOLIVAS When you are on the camera on the app, at the bottom right there is a button that looks like a group of people. If you click on that, at the bottom there is a button that has a person with a plus sign. Once you click on that, you just put their username in and it will add them 🙂

  32. how do you add someone or how does someone add you.?
    Help please.!

  33. Can you send pics off of swapchat to people that are using Snapchat on iOS?? this is very important and I need an awnser quickly. Thanks

  34. how can i get this for Windows tablets? ive searched but never found any..

  35. how can i delete a friend on swapchat?

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