Surface Pro 3 review

Surface Pro 3 review


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  1. I love seeing the old comments that said it was going to be a failure when it really was a massive revolutionary success.

  2. can it be upgrade it to windows 10

  3. Came back, realizing, miss so bad the Windows 8.1 Start Screen and UI animation :')

  4. Principal protective tea infrastructure charge enough outside consist.

  5. that mosquito!! 😀

  6. how's the battery life. That's the selling point of ipad pro, you can use he device longer. Can the surface match ate least 60%?

  7. Consume use wear resistance please.

  8. Central : PLEASE make a video review of a Surface Pro 3/4 running both DUAL AND TRIPLE MULTI-MONITOR SETUPS. I have yet to see a decent review of such a video. The surface pro 3/4 monitor needs to be off to support triple monitor setups from my understanding when daisy chained via DP.

  9. Which games is that your were playing.

  10. In my company one year down the track there is been a near 100% failure rate. That is, almost everyone has had a catastrophic failure requiring a new tablet, some people are still going on their original, or some are now on their second, third or fourth tablet. We had hundreds of employees migrate from a 2009 HP notebook to the surface pro 3. The failure rate was much higher than the previous HP Business notebook.

    Here are the most commonly seen problems.
    • The black screen of death. When taking the tablet out of sleep mode, the screen flashes, then no longer works at all. Even after fully charging the tablet, doing a hard reset or the “volume+power on for 15 seconds”, it doesn’t get the tablet to work. These tablets need to be exchanged for new ones.
    • Tablet doesn’t re-image properly, even after multiple attempts.
    • Lots of problems trying to load add-on support software like SQL Server express.
    • Cooling fan is on almost all the time and the back of the tablet is quite warm to touch
    • keyboard communications completely disappears, even with reseating, performing a hard reset. Even Microsoft knows about this and recommends returning to them

    The idea of the device is good however Microsoft REALLY need to work on the reliability, the passive cooling, robustness of this device and the robustness of the operating system in this tablet environment.

    The support from Microsoft is 3rd rate, it takes 3 working days before products are replaced under warranty. With HP the service was next day replacement.

    The workload of our IT department has shot up dramatically after this migration due to the very high rate of failures. We no longer consider this to be a serious business device or personal computer but just a toy.

  11. cabinet float ensure direct

  12. Does this come with Microsoft word ?? Plz answer I am thinking to buy it

  13. is this better then a ipad air 2

  14. what model drone is he using?

  15. this guy sounds like he works for Microsoft… hmmmmmm

  16. so i am 15 years old and i would like a tablet and a laptop for when i go places and for fun. would you recomend this to me??

  17. I will faint, pass out, or even cry about ever getting one of these surfaces one day.

  18. Everyone is bull-shitting about surface pro 3 overheating when gaming but it's not a gaming tablet of course CS:GO is going to overheat the tablet

  19. I still remember how much apple was ridiculed when the first ipad was introduced. they were made fun of its name and its use, but look now every other manufacture are copying the tablet/pad generation. so much for the laugh!

  20. should i get a 128gb surface 3 or an iPad pro
    pls reply

  21. No camera quality for that tablet

  22. Sorry to say but Apple products are much better

  23. It's nice !! I want it , I love it)))))

  24. Would this be a good purchase if all I'd do is note taking for college, with microsoft word, and youtube streaming? It seems like it covers all my needs but I want to be sure since I've never purchased a laptop to begin with. Is this a good purchase vs. a regular laptop at the same price. The fact that it's a tablet as well also makes me want to purchase it more.

  25. whats the use
    saying as tablet 
    comparing laptop with same configuration it is most expensive 
    at least every model of this one need to be 20000 to 15000 low price from what now existed price
    then only it is really available everyone
    instead it is waste of money to buy this using that much price

  26. 🌌 Windows10 💪
    🍎 Air2 💭

  27. Im a mac guy ALWAYS but i currently have a surface pro 3 since i work for Elon Musk and he gave us all one:D Anyways, i have the i5(1.9ghz) version and have done some basic programming. Im impressed. The keyboard is also very pleasant to use, However, i wouldn't pay 1k+ for this. Microsoft is headed in the right direction, hopefully they get there. #thankyouElonMusk

  28. Wy is the surface so heavy?
    Idont understand

  29. Would be awesome if Microsoft just made a badass 15" laptop with same resolution, build quality, display technology, similar specs, and an awesome keyboard and trackpad to compete with the Macbooks at a competitive price like say $1400. I would buy that in a heartbeat.

  30. so…everyone say that cames in here is bad, not as good as most of the tablets, and you say different?

  31. Now that my laptops fried, I think I'll be replacing it with this. Excellent review, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks for the info!

  32. Is the stylus pressure-sensitive?

  33. Shoutout to that mosquito at 4:26

  34. Great review ! Thanx. The quality really justifies the price unlike Ipad, a normal tablet with a premium price~ At least thats how I see it. Microsoft all the way~

  35. That's amazing.I love this.

  36. Anyone heard about surface 3? I think only thing that suck are the kickstand, and a little bit less powerful [not for heavy duty]. Other than that it's is a cheap and good surface device.

  37. college student and daily vlogger.. watvh youtube vids and netflix.. im considering this or mac book pro non retina.. help…

  38. In my opinion microsoft product (surface pro) = tool ,work
    Apple product (iPad) = games, toy, chat

  39. Can i play counter strike GO in this tablet, and connect a mouse into it? And download steam?

  40. I'm starting college this fall. I really like this device. Will it do for my needs?

  41. I have one, and let me tell you I love it. The surface pro is the future in computing.
    With a beast processor on it is the best PC/tablet right now.

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