Surface Go review: Bringing the fun back to Windows

Surface Go review: Bringing the fun back to Windows


Microsoft has exceeded our expectations with the Surface Go delivering a fun, high-performing mini-tablet PC. See at Microsoft:

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Surface Go vs. iPad

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  1. Hello, I know I am a little bit late to the party, however I wanted to ask which smartwatch he is using in the video. You can see the device very good at 09:07. I asked myself if I can wear this on my right hand since I am left handed. I am searching for a decent watch for a while and the apple watch would be the last resort since it is very left-hander-friendly. Thx

  2. good job, nailed it👍

  3. Will Surface 3 .keyboards work with this device?

  4. How did you get your display background to get Blank the apps annoy me

  5. great review, ive just bought one and the more i use it the more i like it

  6. What is the max size storage can we use for the extra microSd?

  7. So there is only one micro SD slot right? So either expansion or a slot to put in my SD card from my camera?

  8. This review helped me decide to buy a Surface Go. Thanks for raiding my bank account!

  9. Is can use external hard disk to this?

  10. Where to get the satchel featured at 5:44?

  11. Is microsoft office included in this device?

  12. Too expensive one you upgrade the RAM and add the keyboard and upgrade to software for the full experience.

  13. I mean with the Samsung Galaxy book 12 inch being $599 refurbed or $699 new on Amazon including the keyboard and pen, why would you spend money on the surface go? For the same money I'd rather get an i5 and a way better display

  14. I know this is a off topic question but can I charge the Xps 13 with macbook pro charger?

  15. Still waiting for oled Technology in the Surface line up. Maybe next Year ?

  16. The intro sound reminds me of Alpha m

  17. Just bought one of these for my daughter who's going into high school. Honestly, I may spring for the LTE version for myself when it hits the stores. Been very impressed by the unit.

  18. Excellent review and video ! Thank you !

  19. Chrome book for video editing and file management?

  20. Oh look, a chromebook/ipad pro clone!

  21. Can the 8gb version handle Lightroom?

  22. Something more than Minecraft???

  23. I really liked the wallpapers you used…

  24. They have to make those bezels slimmer!!! The rest looks fine

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