Spark – probably the best email app for iPhone, iPad and Mac

Spark – probably the best email app for iPhone, iPad and Mac


Beautiful and Intelligent Email App.

Email has taken too much time from people. Spark brings it back for all those who live by their inbox. Quickly see what’s important and clean up the rest.

This is probably the best email app for Mac, iPhone and iPad if you get a lot of emails.


  1. Let me know when Spark gets the option to display new messages at the top and I'll switch. It's counterproductive to have to scroll all the way down every time. The longer the email thread the worse it is.

  2. muy buena la aplicación, lo mejor de e-mail que he visto por el momento

  3. It's only Apple, hence irrelevant for 9/10 people.

  4. I downloaded it and instantly loved it… I use outlook at work and I hate it with a passion!

  5. wishing I had this on windows

  6. Release it on android too plzz ..

  7. terrific app on the iPhone. just got it for the mac. let's hope it is as good and continues to remain so..!

  8. Spark is my favorite mail client

  9. Hi can use gpg with Spark?

  10. Why is it only for apple? This is amazing!

  11. Any plans for this to come to Android?

  12. Any chance of a Windows Version?

  13. Can't get Spark for Mac to find my Exchange server at work. It works fine with same settings on my iPhone and iPad. I already added the server name, domain, etc. Any hints?

  14. Anyone have any way of updating an exchange email password in Spark for Mac?

  15. Cool App! it's on my iPhone and macbook now!
    Keep up, you guys!

  16. can't see the calendar icon on the app , please add it for mac

  17. This works great. Almost exactly like Google Inbox with a few extra features. Even the pinned items on Inbox show as pinned in Spark. Two things that makes it hard to fully switch over to:

    1. It is not cross platform
    2. The snooze feature is not synchronized with inbox

    If the snooze synched with Googles Inbox then I would use this at work on my mac and ipad and then I can continue with Google Inbox on my Android phone. I worry if I snooze an email it will not unsnooze until I turn my laptop back on. Another thing missing is the reminders that you can create in Inbox is not available on Spark. I am fully integrated with Inbox and would need all the features to make the jump and I really would like to make the jump.

  18. Where it is for Blackberry OS 10? 😀

  19. Spark works great on the iPhone, so I hope it will be as good on the Mac

  20. Umm Airmail has been doing this for years. Wtf? Why copy?

  21. Excited to try this one!

  22. Existe t il une version en français??

  23. Yay! I've been waiting for this ever since I first got Spark on my phone a long while ago.

  24. is there anything here that gmail doesn't do already

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