SoundHound for Windows Phone App Demo, Music Discovery

SoundHound for Windows Phone App Demo, Music Discovery


SoundHound is another Windows Phone app I recommend. It’s free at the marketplace, so I suggest downloading it once you get the Nokia Lumia 800 or the Nokia Lumia 710.

SoundHound identifies the music playing playing wherever you are. The app is very simple. It opens up to one button. Click the button and SoundHound will start listening. After a few seconds, you are given the artist and song title. if available, it’ll give you the lyrics so you can sing along, too.

SoundHound is very similar to Shazam, another music discovery tool. However, SoundHound can also try to identify a hum or someone singing. I also like the social sharing features. You can share your discovery to Twitter and Facebook.

You can get SoundHound for Windows Phone for free at the marketplace.


  1. what i want to know is that if it give the music for free or you have to buy it??

  2. I see that you mentioned it in the description, but I was hoping that you would point out in the actual video that SoundHound will try to find a song based just on someone singing, humming, or whistling it, which Shazam and other applications like Bing Audio don't attempt.

  3. I like Nokia Lumia 800, but I love Nokia N9.

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