Sound Meter Apps for Android and iPhone App Reviews

Sound Meter Apps for Android and iPhone App Reviews


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Sound Meter

Smart Sound Meter is part 4. of the Smart Tools series.

Acoustimeter uses your phone mic to measure noise volumn in decibels(dB) and shows a reference. SPL(sound pressure level) meter.

REMEMBER!! The most mics were aligned to human voice (300-3400Hz). So the hardware max. values are LIMITED. (See the sound pressure at calibrate menu. it stops at 32760.)

Moto Droid(Max.100), Galaxy S (Max.81), Galaxy Tab and Desire are calibrated by the actual sound level meter.

* Pro version added
1) No ads.
2) Vibrometer Pro is included
3) More models are calibrated
4) The French, Spanish, Japanese support

Do you want more?
Get the [Sound Meter Pro] or [Smart Tools].

Recent changes:
– v1.2.1 : more models calibrated.
– v1.2 : App2SD,

– not work : Xperia(X8, X10 mini), LG(Optimus One, Ally, Vortex…), ZTE (blade, orange)
– Sometime freezed : HTC (Desire Z, Desire HD)

Latest version: 1.2.1 (for all Android versions, supports App2SD)


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