Smoovie Plus: Kickstarter cheap iPhone/GoPro Video Stabilizer/SteadyCam. Unboxing, Review & Tutorial

Smoovie Plus: Kickstarter cheap iPhone/GoPro Video Stabilizer/SteadyCam. Unboxing, Review & Tutorial


Unboxing and review of the “Smoovie Plus” gimbal video stabiliser for iPhone and GoPro, from Kickstarter – and my Tutorial on how to properly balance it to get stable videos.
iPhone Gimbal Video Stabilizers on Amazon US: and UK: (More countries down below)

There are a huge variety of Video Stabilizers for smartphones available now – from very simple to very sophisticated ones using gyroscopes and servos to keep your phone or camera steady:

iPhone/Android Gimbal Video Stabilizers
– (Amazon USA)
– (Amazon UK)
– (Amazon DE)
– (Amazon ES)
– (Amazon FR)
– (Amazon IT)

Neewer 24″/60cm Handheld Stabilizer for DSLR and Video Cameras up to 6lbs/2.7kg (the big stabilizer for big cameras I am using):
– (Amazon USA)
– (Amazon UK)
– (Amazon DE)
– (Amazon ES)
– (Amazon FR)
– (Amazon IT)

Smoovie on Kickstarter:

Smoovie on Indiegogo: (where you can buy it)

To use the Smoovie with a GoPro, you will need a GoPro case with accessory to standard tripod mount. I don’t have a GoPro myself – so I have no idea how well balanced it gets in practice. If you made a nice “Smoovie with GoPro” video tutorial, let me know so I can put a link here in the description.

Bottom line: #Smoovie is a good starting point as a first video stabilizer for creative people filming with smartphones.


  1. Gimbal Video Stabilizers: (Amazon USA), (Amazon UK), (Amazon DE), (Amazon ES), (Amazon FR) and (Amazon IT)

  2. Is this stabilizer really stabilizing a video recording?

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  8. I'm not big on commenting on YouTube videos but you're the only person from all the people who have made videos that has discovered the flaw in the weight…I added some small sheets of metal into my iphone 6 case and now it's PERFECT! Thanks man!!!!

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  15. Using the built in Apple compass/level application might help with the calibration process. good video, good host! 👍

  16. Hi, your explanation is very clear and make me understand about the setting of that product. Thank you for detail.

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