Slice: Best Package Tracker App on iOS and Android!

Slice: Best Package Tracker App on iOS and Android!


Slick package tracking application overview.
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  1. This app can delete receive and send emails ?!

  2. Can we use this app to track what we buy on eBay? Please reply

  3. Can you track packages that you Shipp

  4. What if its not from amazon?

  5. actually parcel track is better in my opinion

  6. hey what's up brother could you do me a favor could you send me the app again the link to it so I could download it into my phone cuz I buy a lot of stuff from eBay and Amazon too and I think this be good for me I need the name again please

  7. just hit the 300th thumbs up.

  8. Not available in my county :(. Guess I'll stick to Google Keep instead and checklist every package.

  9. Awesome video man and the app looks great. I just hope this is available in the UK. It would come in handy.

  10. Too bad it's not available in the country I am living in. I would have loved to try this app out. It seems awesome and convenient.

  11. Great review I also do alot of ordering online.I'm gonna give it a try.

  12. I missed the intro! great video btw 🙂

  13. Packages weren't the only thing tracked in this video 😁 I think I'm going to give it second chance!

  14. hey Kevin

    very nice material design kind of theme

    very efficient as well

    I will definitely check this out

    have a good day

  15. Hell yeah, do these type of vids as well manne!! I remember you did one for tasker I think and xprivacy and one for "spring cleaning" ur phone before, to name a few and I enjoyed them a lot. And one for porting to MVNO, great vids and tips, str8 up!! Thank you!

  16. wow this is an app review! pretty rare from you 🙂 I looooved it even though the app is not available in Italy 🙁

  17. I remember using Slice a while ago. I forgot about it, didn't realize it still existed. Thanks

  18. Not sure if you're still rooting your devices but was wondering if you could do an updated review Tasker. I guess it would give me a flashback to your XDA days.

  19. dude nice find. Downloading this immediately.

  20. I will definitely try this .

  21. What's your phone called?

  22. I can't live without Fing iOS/Android
    ES Explorer/Internet Speed Monitor/GPS Test/Status (Android) key utility apps for me.
    I like the new addition, keep up the positive stuff Kevin!!! 🙂 👍

  23. Not available in Canada. I guess it's hard for them to translate the app from English to Canadian.

  24. App doesn't support Asus Zenfone 2, i'll have to stick to Aftership.

  25. Nice. I must say, I really like the effect lollipop has on the design guidelines that apps have to adhere to. Is Gmail the only email client that works with Splice, or can you use it with other email clients? Good work brother.

  26. Doesn't seem compatible in the UK 🙁 although I really enjoy your review.

  27. this is interesting as fuck, keep it up kev!

  28. Just downloaded it, replaced after ship easily. I couldn't get it from Google play cause I'm in Canada, so I cracked the APK, classic me… 😂😂😂

  29. I use Deliveries on my Android.
    Because it can track the same package on different couriers (because sometimes a package is transferred between couriers), it supports all the couriers I use, connects to Amazon and eBay and even sync through all your devices.
    It does not take information out of my email, and this is a plus for me!

  30. This app is really incredible and can even give you nostalgic feelings and memories.

    I saw a receipt from 2013 when my brother graduated college and moved to a new city for his job. He's doing awesome now and in a dream job situation and he was really shocked I had an email from 2012 lol. Now he's using Slice.

    It can also be a reminder of you spending too much online ha.

  31. Hey Kevin, I was wondering if I could interview you as part of my English project?

  32. Great app, but not available in my country's store 🙁

  33. Im not getting the direct link to amazon? Why?

  34. Thanks this is going to be a big help

  35. Aye! I didn't know you were from Michigan!

  36. Wow great app switching from after ship

  37. i actually use this right now!

  38. This app is freaking awesome.

  39. Gimme a break, gimme a break, break me off a piece of that Tech Ninja. 💯

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