Should You Buy An iPHONE 5S In LATE 2018? (Review)

Should You Buy An iPHONE 5S In LATE 2018? (Review)


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The iPhone 5s came out in 2013, so how does it hold up in late 2018? Let’s Find Out!

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  1. I'm still waiting for my iPhone 5s. I'm starting to lose my patience to my classmate. 😣

  2. The iPhone 6 will likely get iOS 13 next year because Apple will always add atleast one year of support on their phones…But the problem is it might have an experience like iPhone 4S on iOS 9

  3. Ive always wanted an iphone but im broke af so😂

  4. On terms of use and longevity, What would you recommend and IPhone SE or 6s?

  5. yes,i basically recommend that phone..ios 12.0 in octomber 2018..i bought this phone in july 2018 and i just changed the battery and now is yea..for stable worth it..also..with a silicon case shining,this phone is dope..silver 64 GB

  6. Should I get this in December I really want an iPhone. Currently I'm using a android and I hate it. I want a phone that good but not too bad. I don't want the latest phone because I don't want my parents to become poor. Also I have been saving some money. I live in the uk and can u tell me the best place to get it?

  7. Please do a comparison with the 5 on iOS 10 and the 5s on iOS 12!!

  8. I’m watching this in my iPhone 5s

  9. I've gotten my 5s this year.

  10. Just sold my iPhone 6s to build my new pc, missing my iPhone ..

  11. How many ios updates can iphone se get after its discontinuation

  12. Lol im watching this on an iphone 5 rip

  13. I have a 5s and I'm in 11th grade. Should I just keep this until end of 11th and then upgrade or upgrade after 12th?

  14. I teally want a ip 5s in 2018 😅😅

  15. why would anyone do that, I mean you can get a xiaomi note pro that is faster, better and cheaper…

  16. Where do u buy these iPhones?

  17. I like the design better than current iPhones but you might as well get he SE

  18. Fucking alpaca !!!! Wake up !!! We are in 2018 ass hole !!!!

  19. i'mma get an iPhone 5s as a secondary phone for my iPhone X

  20. I really want a iPhone 5s in 2018😊

    Omg: I have never gotten this much likes on a comment ever thank you everyone♥♡

  21. My mom has that phone I have se

  22. Can you come up with something else?

  23. I just got one three days ago as my 2nd daily driver, and,wow,it does everything i do quite good for its age!

  24. Quick answer: No, it’s going to stop updating and most likely will Not get iOS 13.
    If you want an original design IPhone, go for it but don’t expect the greatest performance.

    I do feel the 6 and the plus will get 13 and stop their, just going by Apples schedule.

  25. You just earned a sub my friend

  26. Make a galaxy s7 in late 2018 video

  27. This was my daily driver for about a year and my side phone for about 4 months

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