Sees BEHIND ITSELF | $24 Aukey 238° review | Best wide lens for mobile phones

Sees BEHIND ITSELF | $24 Aukey 238° review | Best wide lens for mobile phones


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The Aukey version is currently hard to find or expensive. Here is a replacement that is almost identical. I will review it soon.
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  1. whats the name of the song pls?

  2. aukey 238 deg lens or apexel 238 deg lens? which do you prefer?

  3. That amount of distortion, it should be an fish eye lens rather then wide angle.

  4. Don't skate with those headphones! :'(

  5. Thanks for the Depth Review Nitsan

  6. are the aukley lenses compatible with s8 plus?

  7. nice! I want one!, hey nitsan have you tried or know somenthing about the Stella Pro led lights?

  8. This thing is awesome!!
    I'am pretty excited if your action cam mod will work, if so I will probably try this as well!

  9. ther Entaniya 280° is wider.

  10. Wide angle lens should be a default option for all new premium phones. I tried the LG G5 and wouldn't go back to a standard camera phone now.

  11. It's a nice lens, but I am not sure I like the fish eye look, because the image look unnatural.

  12. Haha, cute girl laughs at me XD

  13. Thats mad! The phone could see itself

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