Samsung Omnia 7 Windows Phone 7 Unboxing

Samsung Omnia 7 Windows Phone 7 Unboxing


$779 Australian Outright


  1. ugyairen terefonomvan csak az nelhetátkúdeni zenét

  2. IS NO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. even tho i got mine second hand i love it best replacement for my galaxy y

  4. I just ordered one from Optus for $250 what a bargin and it kicks iPhones ass

  5. @camernmurder yes, a LOT better

  6. @korn74 your videos are fantastic and deserve way more views I subscribed and liked

  7. the battery dies so quickly

  8. I like your accent. Also, nice unboxing. I wish I had a WP7 phone.

  9. @kiwikidfromegypt U've pretty much answered everything I needed to know!! Thanks again!

  10. @97purna ok mate so i got the phone on monday (2 business day delivery) so far the phone is amazing the display is so impressive, the internet is quick as can be and tbh the only cons with this phone is the battery needs to be charged about ever 2-3 days but thats with alot of internet and app usage. Lastly u cant send files via bluetooth :/ but other than that i would recommend this phone to anyone especially since its at this price. Feel free to ask me any Q's

  11. @kiwikidfromegypt ohh what a coincidence! thanks mate!

  12. @97purna hey 🙂 , ironically enough i just oredered that some phone on that same cap yesterday and it should be delivered by monday / tuesday so ill answer all them Q's for u once i get it 🙂

  13. @korn74 hi, i live in america but i refused to get a plastic version of this….always been a fan of omnia and samsung in general…i ordered my omnia 7 off of amazon unlocked….works just fine with at&t over here

  14. i hav so many questions about this fone:
    1. Is it good?
    2. I found a great deal on optus for $29 over a 12 month contract, but is it worth it?
    3. Does this have gorilla glass?
    4. Is it fast?
    5. Can u do bluetooth file transfer?
    6. Can u put ur own mp3 track as ur ringtone?

    If someone could answer this it would be greatly appreciated because i am looking to buy this handset soon!

  15. @MRthisguy1000 i hate how american people say aluminum

  16. @MRthisguy1000 i believe its alumin-i-um according to official chemistry and physics boards worldwide but sure….aluminum….tehehehe, sounds funny when you guys say it that way 😛 🙂

  17. Respond to this video… ment buy xp

  18. @Christfollower34 u cANbut off the internet for about $270

  19. wheres your battery status??

  20. @MRthisguy1000 Most European people don't speak English, so what are you on about?

  21. omg i wish youd gimme ur iphone i want it baad and i dc how old it is but in our country its expencive as fuck..i have omnia 7 too btw and im pleased

  22. @Christfollower34 Hi no its not, they have a different plastic version of this with AT&T

  23. Is this released in America?

  24. @korn74 ok thanks think ill send it back and get the htc hd7

  25. @mattft86 It was supposed to come out in January, but apparently is delayed until early February.

  26. @korn74 do you know when the update is due because i have this phone on order?

  27. @korn74 hi thanks when is the update due do you know because i have this phone on order and i dont want it if you can't use your own tones

  28. @mattft86 Hi yes it is, but next update will allow this.

  29. is it true you cant use an mp3 tone as a ring tone on this phone?

  30. shall i get this or the galaxy s

  31. @korn74 but eventually galaxy s got no flash right?

  32. @Rockup123 Its excellent easily rivals the iphone 4.

  33. How is the decoder for the music? i mean like, the sound quality of the music decoder.

  34. Its Led flash, not xeon flash, that is on the Mozart 🙂

  35. oh why cant all the plug's just be the same 🙂

  36. Hey in 6min you say that it is with the hummingbird…

  37. @kkkzzzrrr Hi yes you can.

  38. Is it possible to turn off internet when not using it? So that you do not have to have 250mb or more per month for free,… Thank you!

  39. @TheAxxsesTv I still prefer the Galaxy S because of Android but the Samsung Omnia 7 is better hardware with its metal casing.

  40. @ZDoomCentral

    But it was so extreme on the HD7. I had 5 bars when it was on the table but asa I took it in my hand, the signal dropped to 0 or at least 1 bar within 3-5 seconds…

    What's about the Omnia 7 when you hold it as you usually hold a phone?

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