Samsung Jack i637 Windows Mobile Smartphone Video Review

Samsung Jack i637 Windows Mobile Smartphone Video Review


Video review of the Samsung Jack Windows Mobile 6.1 non-touch screen smartphone for AT&T.


  1. I like her too…she has excellent pacing

  2. @avaloz91 Its not good at all do not get it. About an hour ago I got the sharp fx and it is a great phone. This phone freezes,shuts off by itself and if you send a txt message it will send the message you sent but then a blank one also.

  3. what was the name of the third cellphone,
    the other samsung?

  4. yo tengo uno.. uuuuu un super smartphone

  5. this is the samsung jack …. off….

  6. I have this phone nd is a piece of trash, no aps, no dinamic themes, low sound quality so i'll change it fora Nokia 5530 xpressmusic

  7. @valerinaaa yes they do, i think they sometimes call it samsung messenger in Canada.

  8. It does not require a data plan. I had to pay $149 without a data plan. I am upgrading from a Samsung Sync which is now very outdated.

  9. Does the phone require a data plan, can I cancel it after the first month.?

  10. @emofilipino312 if youve got the money the e71x would probably be a little bit better. its 50 dollars more with a 2 year contract though

  11. @out2thefam
    Yes, it does have WiFi.

  12. does this have a cellphone strap port?

  13. free texting and internet? depends on your plan

  14. Blackjack II is better in MY Opinion they could have done a better job

  15. is that thing touchscreen?

  16. if price is no object, the bold
    if it is then it gome down to whether u like windows mobile or nokia's own os more.
    you'll probably find more apps for windows mobile though

  17. Did you really just praise microsoft for not being proprietary? To start with, how about samsung's proprietary Data cable/Headset connector. Add on to that microsoft's open assault against standards compliance, I.E. XML standards. I have a feeling by proprietary, you just mean "Give me what I'm used to!!!!!!!"

  18. well I havn't found a way to remove the AT&T bloatware, but I have added some of my favorite applications to the phone such as Facebook, Youtube, and Windows Live

  19. bad lighting in the vid, yeesh

  20. yes i did i got the Nokia E71x and i love it

  21. Nope
    As a matter of fact, my family wants to stick with
    Verizon. So i highly doubt i will get my nokiaaa NOOO

  22. Which one is better you guys,
    The Samsung Jack or the Nokia e71x

  23. i wonder if the camera has flash?

  24. atts winmo alternative to the e71x

  25. I asked around the internet and I seemed to keep getting the same answer-


  26. the xenon isnt that great, the keys feel great, and the touch screen is really responsive but it tends to freeze alot :/

  27. AT&T wants you to get the Jack with their smartphone plan. You will likely need to get that for the rebate on the phone. You can change the plan after the first 3 months.

    WiFi is free.

  28. if u have wi fi on the fone is the internet free or i still have to pay for it? cuz wi fi just makes it faster and more coverage

  29. DUDE Trust me I HAVE THE NOKIA e71x Right now and ITs and okay Phone but my true opinion is that this Phone SUCKS!! Its too small for people with Big hands. If u have small hands then okay.

    Im too young for arthritis lol this phone is bringing it. Also them menus are sloppy. But the Jack!! WOW! Shiny Windows Mobile lots of Ram. I just got the E71x a week ago and guess what??


  30. I cant decide, this or the Nokia E71x?

  31. Great Review i'll be getting this next week if I don't get the curve 8900 friday.

  32. ins't this just the blackjack 2 with a new design?

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