Samsung Galaxy TabPro S Review- 12″ Windows 2-in-1 AMOLED Tablet

Samsung Galaxy TabPro S Review- 12″ Windows 2-in-1 AMOLED Tablet


Lisa Gade reviews the Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro S, a 12” Windows 10 tablet / 2-in-1 with a vibrant Super AMOLED 2160 x 1440 display (3:2 aspect ratio). This Intel Core m3-6Y30 (Skylake, 6th gen) tablet has 4 gigs of RAM and a 128 gig SSD, and is priced the same as the entry Surface Pro 4 model with similar specs at $899.

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Samsung includes the keyboard folio in the box, but not the optional TabPro pen. This full Windows 10 64 bit tablet is as slim and light as Samsung’s high end Galaxy Android tablets— 0.25” and 1.53 lbs. It’s classy looking and well made— much like Samsung’s ATIV Book laptops. The tablet has dual band Qualcomm Atheros WiFi 802.11ac, Bluetooth 4.1 and NFC.


  1. Cost entha really me tap

  2. It's only support a Samsung Bluetooth 1024 pressure level stylus. Unfortunately, it's not wacom technology.

  3. Can Im using usb to type to use keyboard wireless dan charging at the same time?

  4. Samsung Galaxy and windows doesn't go together…

  5. I just want to order the keyboard, is that possible?
    can someone give me the model number?

  6. I'm searching for a tablet that is fast when playing games. I was just about to purchase this but it doesn't seem to support Android Google play Store. Bummer, was really looking forward to a 12"tablet 😔

  7. Friends you can try this link: to upgrade to windows 10. It is safe and easy in this way.

  8. Still using mine.. 1.5 years later! Other than the larger bezels the amoled screen still looks way better than most of the newest 2018 laptops. The m3 Cpu still has no issues and seems to zip along as fast as my home pc with an i5 6600k for 75 percent of what I do.. of course not for gaming (geforce now works perfect though). Other than the Amoled screen my favorite feature is the usb c charging.. I never have to worry about having an extra charger.. just use the same charger as my phone. I got lucky and got mine for $350 on Ebay back then.. but now they are going normally for $350. Seriously great deal for the technology and works as well as anything newer for typical web browsing/office/quickbooks/netflix type stuff. Battery life about 8 hours with screen brightness at 50 percent.

  9. Are you actively chatting with your fanbase?

  10. Great info Lisa. Do you have video to compare tab pro s vs galaxy book?

  11. You're my favorite reviewer and I watch a lot of reviews on electronics/computers etc. You're thorough and technical (yet not patronizing) to your audience because you provide the technical details yet also explain more complex things in layman's terms. You have great comparisons when doing a review and you have an uncanny ability to provide all the possible answers to the questions potential buyers would want to know. Great Job! I always go to your reviews first when researching a product.

  12. how good is palm rejection on the device?

  13. I want to get Android up and running on my Tabpro S, has anyone worked on this?I have tried Android x86 7.1 R2 and Android x86 CM 14.1 R1, both were missing WiFi drivers and could not adjust the screen brightness.I am willing to pay someone to help get a fully working Android experience on these tablets! Any takers?

  14. The thermal behavior, REALLY, wtf.

  15. Other than the additional memory and storage, is there any difference in the gold edition? Battery life the same?

  16. Amoled display so u'll end up having screen burnt

  17. The price point on Tab Pro S is way too high (or at least was on launch), for the price you couldve gotten a Surface Pro 3, or Surface Pro 2, or Surface Pro, or Surface 3, or Nokia 2050, or Asus Transformer (any one in their line), or a Laptop… any of those would be just fine.

  18. Any one who wish to give away their tab for free please contact me at I am a student and running of low budget. Please help me!!!

  19. she said this is a samsung tablet, as much as it might look like an android tablet… it is an android tablet. what the hell does she know about electronics.? old hag

  20. Rather get the surface pro 4 at that point better kick stand

  21. For God's sake STOP comparing a full Windows OS devices to iPad Pro, iPad is a toy compared to this, or the Surface. To compare it with MacBooks, is Okay!

  22. I'm guessing u would need a adapter for a USB

  23. Terribly use in this type of computer. I completely regret for my choice. The battery is terrible. And the screen always can't go well.Disgusting.

  24. I liked your honest review and ordered one for my fiancee. Thank you.

  25. f'ing zero continuing support on this product. C-pen is a joke with no application.
    Samsung has become KING of shitty customer service. Will never buy a samsung product again.

  26. I love all of your video's ! I have to say that before I buy a electronic device ,I go to your reviews ! I just bought the chuwi hi plus 10.8 screen. I have only owned for about a week . I am pretty impressed with the dual OS ! great screen display, but I have to say that the Android side is kinda slow ! antutu score of 56000 & I still find it to be kinda slow ! can you please help on this chuwi hi10 plus tablet ! THX Dan…

  27. dommage qui a pas de traduction en français

  28. my Tab Pro S, I had a problem with it. within 30 days I went thru 3 tablets.
    first one It wouldn't turn on at first then when it turned on, it wouldn't respond to any commands then went blank return it to the store next day and had to wait 5 days.

    Second tablet work fine for 2 weeks then it crash called the store they said call Samsung tech service they couldn't fix it, Samsung tech said take it back too store or mail it to its repair center, so  went store and they said its warranted for 30 days and the 30 days starts when I received Tab Pro S.
    So they order another one and 7 days later I received it, which I haven't had a problem yet, one year later.
    Samsung tech service, a rating from 1 – 5, 1 being bad and 5 excellent, they get a 2!

  29. Probably you are the most fair and good talking reviewer of phones/tablets i ever saw 🙂

  30. Is this have an usb port???? because i want this for my projects in highschool?

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