Samsung Galaxy S9 vs iPhone X : Full Comparison (Winner Decided)

Samsung Galaxy S9 vs iPhone X : Full Comparison (Winner Decided)


In this video, we will do a full comparison between the Samsung Galaxy S9 vs the iPhone X. In this comparison we will look at the following:

Galaxy S9 vs iPhone X
Design and Build
Processor and Speed
Biometric Security Options
Conclusion (Winner)

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  1. Just got the X. Absolutely amazing

  2. The reason I bought Samsung s9+ because of less price even if I ignore that for a moment I have no strong reason to switch to iphone this is my first Samsung phone I already had 6 iPhones in past I hate apple because every accessory is expensive and apple don't think about it everything is so expensive after few months most of the apple fans switch to third party chargers and cables. This irritates me and after investing so much on apple ecosystem I am happy to use Android yes it's true the quality of apps are not the same I had on apple but nevermind !

  3. Super……. s9 pluse❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  4. Galaxy s9 is better then the iPhone X because 1. Over rated 2. Gives cancer and 3. I don't understand it. So all around the sunrise gold galaxy s9 is the best

  5. I just got the galaxy s9 today and i love it but im scared to look at my phone bill 🤦‍♀️

  6. clearly s9 is was better

  7. The amount of bragging android fanboys, and ranting apple hips are insane.

    Note I have used both phones and personally despite the microSD and lower price, the iPhone X actually is better. TBH, a lot of the s9's features are broken and I prefer IOS. But they are both great phones and I really want to see what both companies have in mind for 2019.

  8. Hmmm iphone and samsung are good and bad in different areas respectivly as I have used both but my dad showed me the samsung A3 and I liked the fact of having a phone that you can do anything with like android beam it is basically like airdrop (They do have their differences) but yes I'm not bother of using either phone.
    But still I'm gonna get a samsung galaxy S8 for christmas and I'm looking forward to getting it as it does have a whole array of features.
    Also can all the people who use apple and hate samsung at least give some quailty feedback as saying that 'They're crap' or 'shit' isn't painting a good image on the apple community.

  9. Your videos are super entertaining and clear. Keep up the good work!

  10. Lol I liked because I am ha hardcore Samsung gan and am watching this on my new samsung

  11. Android is filmsy, totally unreliable and i can go on….

  12. Samsung crushes n squeezes the juice out of the poor Apple ☺😂😍

  13. I only had apple phones in my live i hate apple now because they ask to much money for what its actually worth

  14. Thanks alot man for this helpful video, i was really confused what to get but now I’m getting S9 for sure.

  15. S9 has a gaming option

  16. The only upside of the iphone is that it is a slight bit faster than the s9 which does not even matter and don’t even notice in real world usage.

  17. Satisfied with my S9 and better price 😏

  18. iPhone X is a waste s9 more versatile more things you can do and less greedy and premium

  19. S9 beats out the iPhone X and the X max but for a proper and fair comparison I feel should be comparing iPhone X max to the S9 + not S9 + against the original X … S9 plus came out late 2018 and the X came out a full year prior oct nov 2017. Soo shld be S8+ vs X and S9+ vs X max … like I said the galaxy wins but still… I have an iPhone X so I’m not being biased in any way jst being fair. I truly think at this point it’s a preference thing. If you’re willing to spend up to a 1000 dollars on a phone then get what makes you truly happy with your purchase cause either way when u be real bout shit, it’s really not a priority in life to spend a grand on a fucking phone Lol but if u must have the top of the line and the best value for your money, it’s the S9+ hands down.

  20. One plus 6 or Samsung S9 ???

  21. I'm so anti bessel it's not even funny

  22. NO NO NO you can get more storage on iphone you can buy it in settings up to 2 terabytes

  23. Come on… Screen and camera in s9 is better. Be sure about saying it.

  24. Then s9+ has 6 GB of ram

  25. Imma wait for Pixel 3 👌👌👌

  26. This review is about mostly giuding viewer to a draw.

  27. Im sure you filmed this video with a samsung s9 .

  28. IPhone X didn't put the audio jack on a reason so that water couldn't go in

  29. u forgot about dolby atmos speakers in S9, thats an huge advantage

  30. when I see someone with an iphone x i make 2 judgments ,1.they have no class ,the thing is uguly ,2.they are retards for wasting a huge chunk of their wages on that uguly thing ,rather have the s9 and invest the rest in apple shares that way i get a better phone while making a nice return on apple idiots

  31. At the end of the day, Apple has one thing; ecosystem, n this s the reason why it is so successful

  32. S9 plus has dual cameras and the S9 screen is miles better than iPhone

  33. S9 is better but iPhone x looks so nice

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