Samsung Galaxy S10 – 10 MIND BLOWING Upcoming Features!

Samsung Galaxy S10 – 10 MIND BLOWING Upcoming Features!


Its time to review Samsung Galaxy S10 Top 10 Mind blowing features that might make you wait for it. Beyond Galaxy is coming.

Galaxy S10 Concept:

S10 Plus, S10 Lite & S10 Render by:

NEW Samsung RAM –

Galaxy S10 Lite, S10 & S10 Plus KGI –

Unbreakable Galaxy S10 display –

Galaxy S10 New Amoled Effect –

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  1. Why don't t manufacturers give top speakers?? I always have to use Bluetooth speakers for better sound

  2. You're audio editing is so weird like in the middle of a sentence your speech skips a lot. Step up your English game man

  3. Watching this vedio from my S5 😂.. there is a survival here . Lol

  4. Won’t plastic scratch to death. Lol maybe they found a way for it not to. I hope Samsung stops the wit till new phone comes out before they update there year to two year old phones. But probably won’t happen. I wish they release a android p beta for note 8 and s8. The s9 has a beta build or at least that is what I seen on YouTube. But they don’t say model number so idk? Maybe Samsung will ditch android and make there own os.

  5. The new panel will be very prone to scratches if it’s actually plastic

  6. Now beat that, Apple.. What do you think they're gonna do??

  7. I don't like the back i love the front tho

  8. Omg!The phone is getting longer and longer…Lol I thought apple will do this….but it's Samsung doing it!😬

  9. I have the galaxy s8 but now I want the galaxy s10❤😍

  10. I think the voice over guy said good god of the old whitey maybe it's just is the answer or speech impediment.

  11. But plastic scratches easily. Best to put a tempered screen protector on top

  12. I think it’s impossible for Samsung owners to just be happy with their phones without trying to compare it to the iPhone.

  13. Honestly, How likely is the S10 going to have a 4K resolution?

    I'll have to hold off on the note 9 if that is the truth.

  14. how many times do you want to repeat 5G speed?

  15. 4k resolution for what when the note 9 even can't use a 1440p resolution 😂that's Samsung revolution as a apple user I can only laugh and I have a question how much is the capacity of the battery is for this resolution needed 8,000 mAH 😂 Flop

  16. its so amazing, why samsung make a new of flagship every years

  17. If only people can slap the face of those who spread fake news

  18. I think the front fingerprint sensor is a waste of tech, keep it on the back and make it convenient and thats perfect.

  19. …how scratch resistant will that screen be

  20. But still no it blaster 😭😭

  21. iPhone advertisement on a Samsung video, well done… XD

  22. Mind blowing…. Pfffffttt. Mind blowing is apple and how messed up they are lol… Samsung is almost as bad now IMO. Never buying another Samsung since the Galaxy S6 now. Cost too much and can't unlock the boot loaders without a huge headach. Up yours Samsung forever bitches. Also I truly would not want to use face unlock.. It is still too new, undeveloped and will not work in so many cases.

  23. 2 camera = high quality pic
    3 camera = ultra high quality pic

  24. Samsung should increase its battery life and size of the battery to 5000 mah

  25. if this is s10 then imagine the note 10 O-O

  26. People saying Apple don’t copy Samsung but Samsung is copying Apples current 7NM chip…. also Samsung has copied Apple 100x so your arguments are invalid

  27. One of the most reliable channel.thumbz up

  28. It's an unbreakable display, but that's gonna scratch like crazy. Plastic is softer than glass.

  29. Oppo already has in-screen scanner

  30. Holy sweet that hammer toy at 1:10 was the same i was using when i was a child , nostalgia❤️

  31. 3 camera's on the back looking not so nice

  32. Oh and all the specs doesn‘t matter by focus on the fluent and easy OS on it what does the Impression perfect looking on this or that phone

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