Samsung Galaxy Note 9 – Unboxing and First Impressions

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 – Unboxing and First Impressions


Samsung Galaxy Note 9 – Unboxing and First Impressions
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  1. you calling it thot protection got you about 100k subscribers

  2. Having purple thanos edition for Christmas this year 🙂
    Wanted blue but hate the gold pen, pen should match phone colour

  3. Hi my name is carter too

  4. I have always had an iphone but i really want to try a note 9 this time but the lag really prevents me from buying one. If your 1 year old phone that cost 1k lags then fuck that

  5. i have that exact note 5

  6. Wow this phone is NICE ! Didn't think I'd want the s-pen but now i can see it would be worth it. I've got a tough decision , the note9 or the 10+ coming out or apple 10max…was even thinking apple 8+ in red (like that color) tough choise.

  7. This is probably the BEST Unboxer in the world. Dude, I believe in you. You'll get a million subs.

  8. I like your unboxing it's more real

  9. I just subbed to your channel! love ur channel!

  10. Your cat is so cute💜💜💜💜💗💗💗💗💜💜

  11. LOL,, great review,, getting mine tomorrow.

  12. fuck meee i want note 9 plzzz i buy s6 edge plus recently but this is so so dope man fuck

  13. Your cat is sooo cute!! Your review is soo entertaining, awesome!!

  14. Is it worth it to pay 499 for upgrade from the note 8

  15. Love the phone but…That cat is so darn cute!

  16. Make a unboxing video of Apple Watch series 4

  17. Kitty Litter 7's on deck 😂😂😂. Btw great review.

  18. Floss, would you rather go with the ocean blue or lavender purple?

  19. galaxy note 9 is like da TERMINATOR……………………… has no equal

  20. Great video , I just bought my Galaxy Note 9 a few days ago. For 8.5 years, I was riding with the Galaxy 3 (lol) , so this was a huge upgrade for me. I too , chose the purple, the purple Is dope. The phone is dope, with many options, I'm gonna have print out the instructions.

  21. Are you and Pop Vazquez on YouTube related!?!?🤔 the two of you together would have me crying! I’m going to switch to an android once I figure it out.

  22. Please!! Be mine please!! Please!!!!!!!!!

  23. Hey floss what's your thoughts on the copper color note

  24. "The Wesley Snipes Black Edition" had me dying hahahaaha!!!!

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