Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016) – Unboxing & First Look (4K)

Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016) – Unboxing & First Look (4K)


Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016) Unboxing , setup and first look.
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  1. ye bhai sab kitne me milega

  2. Pleas make a video black themes on samsung galaxy j3 2016

  3. Somebody help meee, is it worth it for me to switch from note3 to j3???

  4. gde si narucio taj tel i koliko je kostao

  5. I just got it right now at $150 LOOL

  6. I have samsung galaxy J3, Samsung galaxy J5 and huawei nova 3i

  7. I used to have this phone it was awesome until it broke and btw this phone is worth it in 2018……

  8. I used to have a J3…. good for a while… until I wanted an iPhone for a change.

  9. skskksks My j3 ded…. r.I.p

  10. The 13 mega pixel camera got ratings on this one.

  11. I have that and im using it right now

  12. J3 2017 have 1.4 ghz processor and J3 2016 have 1.5 ghz processor?? I'm done..

  13. That was one of my first smartphones and i think that was the worst phones ive ever had way to lag

  14. Im watching this on my J3. Probably will get an A6 in September 😂😂😂 ripp

  15. I love your unboxing phones video

  16. It's a Samsung Galaxy Amp Prime, but is unlocked.

  17. Not very good at gaming

  18. Im getting one soon! Cant wait

  19. i love my phone, the camera is nice and mine already 2 years but still like new. love my phone samsung j3 2016💕

  20. Samsung is shit I have had one before it broke instantly had a iPhone got stolen now I have to get a Samsung cause it is free not happy Samsung will never be good as Apple if you want android get Motorola

  21. Thinking about getting this at Wal-Mart for like 59.99 th is weekend

  22. Samsung Galaxy j3 pro is good mobile!

  23. i have one and had it for 130euros

  24. J3 (16) Marshmallow custom rom

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