Reviews on ZTE Nubia Z7 Mini 4G LTE Android 4.4 RAM 2GB ROM 16GB

Reviews on ZTE Nubia Z7 Mini 4G LTE Android 4.4 RAM 2GB ROM 16GB

– 5.0 inch IPS Screen, 1920*1080 pixel display
– Qualcomm© Snapdragon™ 801 processor with 2.3GHz Quad-core CPU, Adreno 420 GPU
– Support 4G network: GSM: 850/900/1800/1900MHz , WCDMA: Bands: 850/900/1900/2100MHz, LTE FDD: Bands: 2100/1800/2600MHz
– 2GB RAM +16 GB ROM
– 13MP back camera + 5MP front camera
– The latest Android 4.4 System
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  1. I am using almost 2 years, Most problem is battery but I am heavy user. There are Lollipop ROMs already. Great display better than Nexus 5. I currently run NX507J_LOLLIPOP_5.1.1_ROW_v3.88_3.1_CUOCO92 ROM.

  2. too good to be true……i like the mobile….the only thing i don"t understand from this mobile is that :whatsapp ,imo ,viber,tango, applications don"t start automaticaly,and i missing lotsof messages and calls from that problem…

  3. It's there a way to remove the lockscreen? I find it useless and I don't find a setting to remove it.

  4. how's the battery duration? 

  5. i dont play games so i wonder internet wifi gsm usage how long can you use it??

  6. The phone is a great phone but the update for this phone is not working.

  7. Battery is non ray move able.

  8. This brand rock especially GPS and CPU. Love ZTE !

  9. it has 2,0 Mhz (snapdragon 801)

  10. he said 4inch phone but on the site i see 5 inches which is it? 4 or 5

  11. lol nico rosberg voice when he speak english mix french english

  12. I don't understand why these rare phones don't come with silicone cases. it's really hard to get one of those when you buy your phone on the internet.

  13. Hi,

    i have questions about Nubia Z7 mini.

    1 : what about autonomy aff this phone ? 2300mA seem to be a little short.

    2 : i'm french customer. I have read that international rom il not very well translate. Moreover i have also read that there is an update but just of the Chinese-english version. Could you confirm that points ? is that possible to received the mobile without international Rom ? In that case wil i be able to install Gapps ? 

    thank you 

  14. It looks like iPhone….
    Why all companies copy the iPhone look ? 

  15. Does it work with t mobile

  16. Does it work with t mobile

  17. Hi! The Nubia z7 mini and Max are allready out, when the z7 (the one with 2k display) is avaliable to buyers?

    Keep up the good work! 🙂

  18. I see supreuser, pre-rooted phone?

  19. Will this work for T-Mobile? ?

  20. This phone would be unlocked, correct? No contract required?

  21. Great review! Thanks! Long test and complex. But I have some advice that can improve your review 🙂
    First – I agree with two people here… why do you saying the CPU is clocked at 2.3? Another thing that I did not like was the camera specs displayed for such loooong time. It covered the options that You wanted to show. I think everybody can memorize the specs camera for 5 secodns, and You can hide it (besides the specs are available in the internet very easy). 
    Nonetheless it was a Very good review! You've made a very good review!

  22. Does ZTE gives good support for updates? I mean, I want this phone but I also want Android L on it.

  23. Why do you saying the CPU is clocked at 2.3?
     The manufacturer say it's clocked at 2.0 and ANTUTU said the same on your video but you just disregarded it and said it's actually 2.3

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  25. Why do you keep saying the CPU is clocked at 2.3?? The manufacturer and many retail websites I have looked at say it's clocked at 2.0 and ANTUTU said the same on your video but you just disregarded it and said it's actually 2.3

  26. hello can u record calling on this telephone? wich quality have movies and music using headset connect to 3.5?

  27. Could you show split screen option and test is with some staffs pleas?

  28. Amazing review, thank you very much!
    Could you tell which ROM do you install for your customers or share it? 😉

  29. he said ''slutty difference'' ….. 🙂 …just kidding

  30. Thank you for tha great review! One qestion: Did you install any custom Rom? Because I heard it only was in english and chinese…

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