Review: Lumia 635 – Two Weeks with Nokia’s Inexpensive Fantastic

Review: Lumia 635 – Two Weeks with Nokia’s Inexpensive Fantastic


Playing with phones like the 635, it further reinforces my belief that the flagship phone market is maturing and plateauing. The exciting growth for manufacturers will be at the entry level. This little Lumia shows us how far we can stretch a dollar with few compromises. Let’s take a look!

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  1. Hey i'm a new subscirber! While this is a great review and the phone is pretty interesting, i just wanted to ask you on thing. What can you say about this phone this 2018 or is it still a great phone to pick as a budget phone this 2018?..

  2. Is this the 512mb of ram model or the 1gb model?

  3. have a nokia rm1078 but am not getting photos sent to me. what do i need to do to my phone?

  4. So what's the differnece between this and 630?

  5. Great video man, I have a LG g4 and love it its awesome but have been curious about Windows phones and os. Ordered one off amazon for 60$ so looking forward to it.

  6. I wanna use google+ caller like the android , but i can't in this windows phone , is to call my family via wifi on google ,any suggestions? also y need a playstation app a good app like the android for windows phone.

  7. Great review Juan, I just pulled the trigger.

  8. Thanks and also thank you for your time!

  9. Well I will find out soon enough I recently ordered one of these phones and just been trying to find a phone to handle my games. The game shown on your video played fairly well on the nokia I think and I hope it will preform the same with my games too.

  10. I see, how about games like food fever, dragonvale, farmville 2, ect

  11. how is gaming overall would this be a good phone for it?

  12. I like android, no windows phone .

  13. wish i got the at&t gophone for $13 from walmart. too bad didn't have any when looked. also now they have some with 1GB now too. not sure how easy to find.

  14. Paid $10 for this phone. Totally worth it.

  15. Only problem….the snapdragon 410 chipset was released.
    Priced clearly to replace the 400 chipset. WHY THE FUCK would they use the slower 400 chipset that costs no less than the 410? Are they nuts?

  16. Hi Juan, do you know if there is a way to increase the camera resolution on the 635, all the pics I take have a file size of around 400k, that seems a bit low for 5mgp camera

  17. Windows need an app for this phone to insure it works with Google Voice!

  18. I am researching this phone for my mom who just wants a simple phone. Great review! Thank you!

  19. Sorry but after 2 years w this piece of chit phone never again will I get a Windows phone. The straw that broke the camels back was the on off button no longer works

  20. im proud with this phone im on it right now i got a black one , but in school when someone asks what phone i have i say nokia lumia 635 everyone says its crap but i think its school you can change colours of the main backround its just like iphone but the problem is its doesnt have front camera and a flashlight..
    i really like this phone you can send any song to your phone for free theres no such a thing as itune where you pay money for one song

  21. "reasonably good T mobile coverage" – proceeds to show insane data speeds. I would consider what I get at my house to be "reasonably good" at about 9 mbps down 4 mbps up. 20+ mbps is much more than reasonably good lol

  22. btw REALLY enjoyed your presentation here!!! VERY informative man!

  23. just bought this phone…so far so good, but two keeps asking for my sim card number, and received calls are very tinny!

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