Review: iPhone 6s Smart Battery Case – Is it worth buying?

Review: iPhone 6s Smart Battery Case – Is it worth buying?


The iPhone 6/6s Smart Battery Case might look weird, but it’s smarter than it looks. If you’re finding the iPhone 6s to be lacking when it comes to battery life, then I can recommend it. It basically doubles your iPhone’s battery life. Read the full review for all the details:

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Review: iPhone 6s Smart Battery Case – Is it worth buying?



  1. anyone can suggest which color to buy? because i like the white one but scared that it will become dirty. if anyone has experience

  2. Can you send me one please

  3. Question, does the white color get dingy and dirty very quickly? It attracts lint, yes, but would prefer not to purchase something and two seconds later it's dirty. Thanks for this great review!

  4. Hey everybody I just wanted too say that my auntie got me a mophie rose gold case at walmart tonight and it is for my iPhone 6s space gray phone that my dad got for me but I haven't even gotten a chance too test out yet and so I hope that it is very protective with my brand new iPhone 6s because sometimes my little nephew likes too come over too play with me and he is always trying too get after my phone as well lol…😊

  5. i have a question, can i leave my iphone charging on the smart battery case… like both charging over the night??

  6. Please check out my account guys! I'd love it if you did, thank you. I promise you won't regret it

  7. It works really well, and I don't have to do all those stupid battery saver settings, my phone works at full potential and I charge just once every day

  8. I wonder about the battery life of the phone in long terms with this case charging it all the time. Isn't this negative for the phone?

  9. It makes no sense to get the Apple battery case. It's $99 for 1,877mAh more with zero control of the case being in use and silly software enhancements. But for $59 I can get the Mophie Juicepack Reserve with a 1,840mAh capacity. So 37mAh less for $40 less. Or even better the Mophie juicepack Air is the same price as the Apple case and it offers 2,750mAh. So 32% more battery basically adding an iPhone 6s Plus battery to my 6s. Also microUSB has been standard for years. I'm a 100% Apple user but I even have 20 extra microUSB cables so having a cable is never an issue. On top of that with the reserve or air my iPhone lasts all day easily so I have no need to carry any cables ever. I already have to carry microUSB for my cameras too so it's not a hassle. Also I'd much rather be able to turn the case on when I want to charge, not having it always on. Software feature and minimal extra battery don't make it worth $99.

  10. I'm pretty sure it will cause damage to the device if it's loadig all the time. With other cases you can turn on and off the batterie which is much better and healthier for your samrtphone

  11. I actually really enjoy this case. I actually leave it on my phone all the time and don't take it off. What I enjoy is that it has integration with the software. I also really appreciate the fact that it has a lightning port. I'm not too bothered by the hump on the back because that makes it feel less heavy and bulky. I've used Mophie cases as well, but they tend to be extremely difficult to get the phone in and out of them. Also, the chin at the bottom of other cases tends to be a little more bulky than the one on the Apple case.

  12. i wish they made this for the 6s+

  13. I left my case on the phone while I charged it over night I woke up this morning my shit was on 50% an the case was dead

  14. The only thing i dont like is the shape

  15. Only Android Fanboys are joking about this case..

  16. If the 6s is the same size as the 6, then doesn't it make sense that it would work the same way with that phone as well?

  17. שירים של יהורם גאון

  18. question it work on the iphone 6?

  19. We FINALLY know that you are cute. Mission accomplished. 1:25

  20. Did you talk about the BATTERY LIFE with the case!? Cuz I didn't hear anything!

  21. hoooollllly shitt your a fan boy

  22. Finally, a sensible level headed overview without all the drama. Everyone is feeling out over this case design. Once you get it in hand you'll get it. The "hump" sits incredibly comfortable in your palm. It's weighted perfectly. One handed use isn't impeded at all. The front spacing speaker is an awesome benefit. Overall battery life is better than the 6s Plus. I mocked this thing upon first seeing it as well, but after holding one and then putting it on my own phone, I'm sold. This battery case is a very exciting addition for 6 and 6s owners.

  23. Isn't constant charging bad for the battery? What happens if you stop using this case? I bet you'll even have a poorer battery life than before

  24. Sorry but did Samsung happen to drop a piece of shit into fruit territory ?

  25. Um, how about no? I'd rather get a $75 mophie case instead with a bigger battery and an on/off switch.

  26. 1:25 you can see his face lol

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