Review: How to use Workflow to Automate your iPhone and iPad

Review: How to use Workflow to Automate your iPhone and iPad


Workflow is an amazing app that will thrill anyone who loves automation. Imagine automatically calling a friend just by tapping an icon on your home screen. How about instantly creating an animated GIF from some photos on your phone? Then there is the ability to compose one email to a bunch of friends with each receiving a personally addressed greeting. Or how would you like to choose anyone’s address in your phonebook and immediately see a Google Street View image of their house? All of this is possible with Workflow. This video walks through how to create some simple workflows to get you off and running!

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  1. hey do you know anything about automating responses to app notifications? say if there is an app that sends me push notifications and I want to automate accepting those…how?

  2. Hi, thanks for the video! I was just wondering if there was a way to just display the ETA on your phone/iPad rather than sending it to a friend.

  3. was trying to make a shortcut to Setting > General > Accessibility > Reduce White Point > On/Off. Is that possible to be done? Been trying for sometime but can't do…

  4. if i hear you say jif instead of gif one more time im gonna throw up

  5. I know that some people can save YouTube videos in iPad's memory to watch them later offline (also with Workflow help). Even more, they can save only mp3 audio from YouTube video. I don't have any idea, how to do that.

  6. I want to to automate an app, I need to automatically touch certain fixed portion of the screen every one minute. Can workflow do this?

  7. Hi, Is there a way to get a date for a meeting scheduled by email and automate it to add it to my calendar? Thanks in advance

  8. Hello, I am trying to create a workflow that takes an Apple Music playlist and makes it easier to find the songs in iTunes for purchase. Even if they are downloaded songs it keeps telling me that they cannot open in iTunes because they are not. Then how can I buy them? I want to make a workflow that links to iTunes. Do you know how to do that?

  9. Photos to jif? It's gif. With a G . Not like the peanut butter. I stopped watching because he kept saying jif.

  10. This is a really useful video for someone , like me, that doesn't have any idea of how Workflow app works.
    Thanks a lot!

  11. Ahhh… AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. bye bye workflow. Apple has Acquired

  13. Does somebody know how can I log in to a website using workflow? This is giving me a very bad headache I don't think I can do this with workflow. Should have used selenium

  14. Random photo of water cycle. Lol

  15. Could you explain how to choose photos to make a JIF from your photo gallery?

  16. Would it be possible to automatically send a iMessage on a specific date?

  17. Easily explained. I am at the verge of throwing it away. Thank you.

  18. Thanks , you've made understanding workflow so easy.Easily the best and simplest tutorial I've seen.

  19. Hey! Nice video. Interesting app. I'll check out the gallery link too. Thanks for posting.

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