Review: Chatpad for Xbox One and Windows 10

Review: Chatpad for Xbox One and Windows 10


Paul Acevedo reviews the Microsoft Chatpad for Xbox One and Windows 10.
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  1. Just bought this from Best Buy but the question mark with the green dot doesn’t work it only gives me _ sign and the orange button gives me an = sign where the upside down question mark and regular question marks are supposed to be

  2. I have the one for the Xbox 360 and the key pad lights up . I would like to know if the Xbox one lights uo as well.

  3. Wonder if this’ll work for games like doom

  4. Is this work on roblox xbox one ?

  5. Does this work on 360? Controllers

  6. Definitive minecraft combo

  7. I bought one of these but better at aliexpress and its pretty good,Because whenever i play with my online friend and chat with them i wanna type but when i wanna type its hurts its like pain in the ass,So y’all should get you one of these its really good.

  8. Too bad it brings up the keyboard screen when you type something on minecraft and some other games

  9. why doesnt anyone talk about how u cant use chatpad with xbox one s controller wirelessly without having to use a wireless receiver. on windows 10

  10. Will it work on Roblox on the Xbox one?

  11. As long I can use a different headset I’m good.

  12. Can i use this on the PC Version of ROBLOX?

  13. Does the Xbox one keyboard work with the Xbox one s

  14. Will this work on my xbox one x? Plz reply.

  15. i bet this will be useful for rob lox to chat

  16. now you can put a blackberry keyboard on a xbox controller! cool stuff tho

  17. Does it work with Xbox one s controller pls help.

  18. Hello there and thanks for sharing your knowledge with us all, I’d like to know if this is compatible with the game Minecraft thanks

  19. What sucks is it can't bluetooth with your bluetooth Xbox One controller on PC! You still need the dongle!

  20. How do i update my controller using a pc bc i dont have an xbox one to update

  21. Ima get this for christmas

  22. I love this so much but its so small not saying I hate I think its cool just sayin that its really small

  23. I would just get it so I can type without pressing a a bunch of time when I’m typing stuff

  24. Very nice and comprehensive review. Can I use the headset for voice commands on the Xbox one x?

  25. Beautiful video and helpful ◕‿↼ I love it!!!

  26. It has always been so tedious using the screen keyboard and scrolling over to each letter, this is a lot more convenient and this will definently be a must have attachment when I get an Xbox ONE.

  27. I wish on gta v there was the a chat like in the PC version and if u have a chat pad u can just use this to type

  28. The tilde key 'bug' is an intended function. The tilde can be placed above several letters. When you pressed it twice you printed a tilde and then inadvertently used the function to placed it above the next letter you press. That happened to be the 'a'' key.

  29. Using this chapped can it be a replacement for the stereo headset adapter? meaning can you use the mic and etc.

  30. I fucking hate it…

    I had one and I thought it was alright for about 3 months, and them my mic stopped producing sound when I plugged it in to the chatpad, at first I thought it was my mic, so I bought a new one (I thought i might as well buy a nice one so i got a £60 one, really nice, better than my old turtle beach (the one that wasn't working). So I my mic gets delivered and I plug it in to my chatpad an surprise surprise, same problem. It was then that I noticed that it was the chatpad. So I guess I have a spare mic now. Order a new chatpad. Plug it in to controller. plug headset in to controller. works perfectly. One month later, same problem. borrow another controller from a friend (since mine doesn't have an audio jack idfk why) and it I can hear the sound without the chatpad, but not with it. So long story short I wasted around £100 purely because of this piece of shit. Long story short, I bough another controller and use that one for the chatpad and use another for my headset.

    That's my experience with the Chatpad.
    I don't know why it happened, or maybe I'm just a dumb Brit that knows nothing about anything. Tell me if it's the latter, and how to fix it. (if it's fixable, that is.)

  31. What about using it in overwatch?

  32. Didn't realize this had a headphone jack and volume control buttons like the normal headphone jack plus a keyboard… probably going to buy this at GameStop!

  33. As an owner of one of these he didnt really mention the amount of delay between pressing a button and it actually typing it on screen. It can be quite annoying if you want to send a quick message and if you make a typo youll have to wait a second or 2 for it to catch up before you can go back. Sounds trivial I know but it is annoying and its worth mentioning.

  34. This'll be useful in the minecraft crossplay update

  35. what are the headphones like?

  36. what about the headset? does it work

  37. Can you use the xbox controler and chatpad as a replacement for a keyboard and mouse for general use on a Windows 10 PC or is it just for gaming?

  38. Is there a textchat in Gtav for xbox one?

  39. anyone having an issue where the orange light keeps flashing? also the chat pad is not working.

  40. Can this be used on games like American Truck Simulator?

  41. What if my moms screaming at me and I need to quick mute I don't have time to look for the mute button on the wire pus I have turtle beaches

  42. 7:00: fails to see the difference between á and ã. Tilde over character works as intended. Not a bug.

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