Remote Desktop App for Windows Phone 8.1

Remote Desktop App for Windows Phone 8.1


Official Remote desktop app for Windows Phone is here. Works with Domain ID.


  1. It is showing error 0x704 can u help?

  2. when i use this in my computer then it automatically goes in login mode.

  3. Can i use this app without wifi? When i'm with wifi, it connect to my pc, but when i set off wifi, it give me an error…

  4. please make a video for setting the remote desktop connection in the app

  5. how to download it in pc??
    link plzzz..

  6. What is its name? Is it still on the app store? Is it compatible with Windows 10? Thanks!

  7. How to connect with other network.. i want to connect my office desktop from home using android

  8. Hi! the PC logs out the screen every time i connect, is it supposed to do that? can it be avoided? I would like to use the remote and have the screen on on both my phone and the pc.

  9. Credentials: it says enter domain/user or user@domain that throws me i got the username i got the password, what's the domain?

  10. Nice video! How do the devices connect? Through the internet, bluetooth, wifi?

  11. I cant get mine to connect either

  12. just saying we could see what it can do once connected!! that was waste time!!

  13. Windows 7/8/8.1 setup tutorial
    run sysdm.cpl and tab remote
    -check Allow remote connections to this computer
    Select Users>Add->Advanced->Find Now-> what your name user computer?-> click ok ok
    -run services.msc
    -Start -> Remote Desktop Configuration + Remote Desktop Services
    -run cmd type ipconfig and IPv4 Address copy ip to your windows phone remote desktop

  14. From the Remote Desktop app for Windows Phone, you can only connect to PCs that are running these Windows operating systems:

    Windows 8.1 Pro

    Windows 8.1 Enterprise

    Windows 8 Enterprise

    Windows 8 Pro

    Windows 7 Professional

    Windows 7 Enterprise

    Windows 7 Ultimate

    Windows Vista Business

    Windows Vista Ultimate

    Windows Vista Enterprise

    Windows XP Professional

  15. Hey, can you make a video of setup? Windows 8

  16. I cant conect when phone and pc are in same network,but i dont know how to conect from diferent networks.
    can u help me?

  17. i couldnt use it .help me how to  connect it please .tried alot times but failed

  18. Please help with the settings, I cant use it. 🙁

  19. dude really need help on how to set it up for a Win 7 PC. I mean the computer name is my login id or wat? 🙂 any help wud be greatly appreciated thanks 🙂

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