Redmi 2 Prime Review Is it the Best Budget 4G Smartphone?

Redmi 2 Prime Review Is it the Best Budget 4G Smartphone?


Xiaomi Redmi 2 Prime review and is the Redmi 2 Prime the best overall budget 4G smartphone in India, the Redmi 2 prime is powered by a Quad Core processor based on Snapdragon 410 chipset it has 2GB RAM and 16 GB internal storage a 8MP rear facing / 2MP front facing camera and find out if the redmi 2 prime is the best budget 4G smartphone.

Redmi 2 Prime is sold online in India via flipkart and Amazon India

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  1. Samsung j2 is better then it

  2. Does it support 4G ??

  3. can i install miui 9 in redmi2 having android version 4.4.4ktu84p

  4. hello sir
    I'm a Redmi 2 prime user I'm really satisfied with the phone's performance but the Jio network problem still troubles me I have to do airplane mode over and over to avail Jio 4g network.
    please sir help me out

  5. hey ranjeet i had been using redmi 2 prime since April and I've found that we can update the os to lollipop..

  6. sir does it support jio sim ?

  7. Please help me i want to buy budget phone coz my phone has been stolen 5 days ago.I want to buy a phone that under RM800 but good at specs can someone recomend a good phone to me coz its really hard without phone.

  8. volte 4g also support on ds device?

  9. Sir i found redmi 2 8gb variant hav good display color which is made in china .and the redmi 2 16gb variant hav liter colors which is made in india.

  10. Plzz tell me sir is this better or Lenovo k5 ???

  11. Sir, how to use screen dimmer in Mi prime 2

  12. I want to buy a bumper for redmi 2 prime

  13. how to do conference call on Redmi 2 prime

  14. Indian english…argh!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Lenovo k5 vibe vs redmi 2 prime which one is best phone pls tell me Sir and reply immediately pls

  16. Sir I am unable to get lights in home and back button unable to find settings

  17. after around 7 months…i was getting the screen on time of 5.15 hours……..

  18. Samsung J3(6) or Redmi 2 ??

  19. Hi sir!! Do you think that it is the best phone under 7k???…..please sir reply fast i need to buy a phone under Rs.7500

  20. which phone is best under 7000

  21. Sir.. Is the redmi 2 prime good for long term usage like more than 2 years? Will it still work for that long period? Pls reply.

  22. hi Ranjit. i would like to buy a smartphone within Rs.7000/-, can you suggest some phones within this reange?.

  23. how to increase app size in recent apps tray

  24. does it get whatsapp notification ???
    redmi 2 didn't gave any notification!

  25. Gsmarena says it can be upgraded to lollipop 5.1. is this update already in place in India????

  26. which is better at performance,redmi 2 prime or lenovo a6000 plus?..i need your suggestion sir…

  27. It also support VR videos

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