Red35 Review: THE BEST iPhone lenses by Zeiss (ExoLens® Pro)!!

Red35 Review: THE BEST iPhone lenses by Zeiss (ExoLens® Pro)!!


It takes a minor miracle to convince Jimmy to leave his Billingham at home, so you know we’re not playing around when he turns up to review the ExoLens (R) PRO with Optics by Zeiss range without his beloved Eventer. Zeiss very kindly let Red35 borrow their latest in optic designs for the iPhone, so Jimmy and Paulina met up to take them out for a spin (*iPhone not included!).

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  1. I see no reason for add-on lenses for my iPhone. I shoot my iPhone all the time but if I get to the point of needing and packing around extra lenses. Might as well shoot with my Pen F

  2. Would love to find one of these somewhere but seems to be a thing of the past.

  3. I’m currently weighing my options regarding lens systems for my iPhone. The Zeus’s optics do make these attractive, though I’m a bit flustered that it uses a screw mount, which seems like it could cost you some shots. Also there doesn’t seem to be a dual mount option for my 8 plus. I’m leaning more towards Moment lenses just cause they have a dual bayonet mount.

  4. she is really

  5. 1- nd filter?
    2- case protecting my phone?
    3- gimbal mounting?

  6. What a shame, no more support for iPhone X… This product is better than Moment lens! It’s a shame!

  7. I like that bracket system much better than their shitty cases. Do you know if this set up works with the Freefly Movi gimbal? Also does ExoLens have a filter set like nd filters etc.

  8. Does your lens hood spin around when mounted or is it nice and tight? Mine seems loose on the 2.0x lens and super tight on the wide lens. I wonder if I got a lemon for the tele?

  9. More lecturing..less demo 😂😂

  10. Hi i have iphone x exolens pro can full fit my phone i want to buy but i am not sure for compatibility for iphone x

  11. These lenses available in India?

  12. does this lens compact-able with redmi note 4 ?? Please help me if any one knows..

  13. Thank you 😊 for ur valuable video

  14. still cheaper than a iphone x

  15. Which lens are best for iphone 7 plus?

  16. most awkward intro ever

  17. Such a bad review, just praising and praising, no comparison with actual camera image

  18. Horrible acting.. 😉😂

  19. Great vid! Can you compare it with roadeavour?

  20. Can I use this on iPhone se!? Is there any way to use it on se!!? I guess this is the only decent lens without diminishing the quality much or can you recommend any other lens for iPhone se?

  21. Hello I use the Exo Lens case with iphone 7 and Exo Lens wide lens
    Will the tele lens also fit with the Exo Case

  22. Can Zeiss iphone lens fit in bitplay snap 7 ? or Moment case? for IPHONE 7 PLUS

  23. The focal lengths of the backside cameras of iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 are 31mm (35mm equivalent) according to dpreview. The iPhone 7 plus lenses have 28mm and 56mm focal lengths (35 equivalent) according to dpreview.
    The wide Exolens PRO has 0.6 magnification. That means that the 31mm (35mm equivalent) will be 0.6X31=18.6mm (35mm equivalent). The 18mm is really wide without serious perspective distortion. Also is so wide that selfies with the much better backside camera are very easy.

    The 2X Exolens Pro telephoto lens isn't compatible with iPhone 7 plus. If it was the 56mm would be 56X2=112mm which would be really impressive.

    Exolens has a new more convenient and smaller bracket for its lenses than that of the video. However the new bracket doesn't have tripod mount.
    The filters thread of the Exolens is very useful for polarized filters. Polarized filters can't be replaced digital.

    I have used similar lenses by the Olloclip and I was not satisfied. Especially the fisheye Olloclip lens is very soft.

    I am a little skeptical about external iphone lenses because everything extra on a lens will deteriorate the quality. However Exolens Pro by Zeiss are expensive and should have minimum loss of quality.

  24. Looks like there is an Exo Lens version 2 out now at Apple. Is this version 1 or 2? Thanks and great review! Edit: looks like this may be the older version. Which is a good thing, because many are complaining about the new lens mount system, not as good as the one in your review. 👍🏼👍🏼

  25. So nice, no side optical distortion on the wide angle. 🙌🏼🙌🏼👏🏼

  26. The girl on the background at 3:10 made me laugh. I wonder if she was one of the team.

  27. where is the link for this?

  28. With my Zeiss Exolens Wide Angle 0.6X all time! Braket with Clovis Mini Tripod, Manfrotto Led Light 20 or just Shoulderpod S1 hand grid!

  29. Hello! Can I use exolens pro with Filmic pro ?

  30. Exo Lens do also have a edge bracket. Is it also very tight and can it be used with a screen protector
    Thanks in advance

  31. Thanks a lot for your quick response
    Ok , so case will be much better option.
    I have a fear that such a tight fit will damage the iPhone while sliding it in and out
    Will return back the bracket and buy the case

  32. Thanks for the video
    I find the bracket mount very tight
    Difficult to put it on and off the iPhone 7
    Do I have to remove the screen protector glass from the iPhone before mounting the bracket mount

  33. What's the lowlight in comparison between this telephoto and the 7 plus's second camera?

  34. Will it fit the iPhone 5s

  35. you see, the problem is that i do not trust taking my phone out its case. i just cant.

  36. something that give better quality for the frontal camera?

  37. I need a lens with more zoom with quality of a dslr on my iphone? What do u suggest?

  38. Качество фото с помощью данных линз – говно (плохое).

  39. У бабы такое лицо, как будто она она очень хочет понять, что ей объясняет кореш, но все тщетно.. )))

  40. Good review. I'm more of a Leica and Nikon photographer for stills, but I need a iPhone lens for some V-Logging around the election. This looks just the ticket for Facebook live.

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