Prynt Pocket iPhone Zink Printer REVIEW

Prynt Pocket iPhone Zink Printer REVIEW


A review of the Prynt Pocket – A portable photo printer for the iPhone. It can be purchased from Amazon
Manufacturer’s website:

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  1. Hey um… Could you post a link to the bus meme picture? Asking for a friend…

  2. 13:37 The same weird design choice Instagram has.

  3. I like the subtle subscriber amount in the background of the opening with that little rectangular display he reviewed earlier than this video.

  4. Printed video(sort of) bloody brilliant

  5. Can it print pictures with a (cancer causing) bluetooth or wifi connection? Thank you for this great review!

  6. Surely you can just take your photos in landscape with the phones camera app, and then export them to the zink app for printing.

    In that case you don't have to use the thing in portrait. Nobody uses phones in portrait in 2018 (more like since 2008) lol, unless of course you're snapping a tall building or suchlike

  7. Or just buy a Sony phone that takes pics horizontally, has a dedicated shutter button, records 4k, and wifi prints them to my printer in great quality. But then I wpuld be writing a muppet script….

  8. This is a bus 🚌 It serves food.

  9. Why in the fuck would anyone want an itty-bitty picture… when the standard is 4×6?

  10. 8m watching this when I use Android

  11. Didn't realise there was a puppet segment at the end of these. Quality!

  12. Can I have some help? I need an inkless printer along these lines that can print on label/sticker paper. Ideally, not something that uses SUPER small paper. It can be small, because the goal is sticker making, but not miniscule. The problem is, that if it needs to connect to a phone, it'll have to be able to connect to an android. I use an HTC desire eye, so it'd have to be compatible with that. And not an absurd price. I hope there's something out there that fits these descriptors, but I'm not sure if there is.

  13. After seeing the AR photo function on here I am now thinking that this is how the infinite zoom photo scene in Blade Runner must have worked.

  14. Your not wrong there green Muppet

  15. great review thank you, will scratch this off my list there are a bunch of deal breakers for me

  16. 20's or 30's? I really don't see a 30+ year old using this. And even so maaaybe a 20 year old. It seems more to me like something for teens/preteens(bought for them by their parents of course), to make cute stickers and pass along prints that contain fun "secret" video messages to friends during class and what not. It's just a high-end kid's toy, really.

  17. Love the puppets!
    Reminds me of my youth when other teenagers would demand that their parents buy them something or allow them to do some activity because they want to be free to choose & be individuals. However, when refused they'll then complain that everyone else has one, or is doing whatever!

  18. Obviously they need those 'for-dummies' instruction-stickers, as after all it's for the typical iPhone user!

  19. Somebody likes Pikmin (and Yoshi and Poochy)!

  20. Fair & Balanced reporting 🙂 Thank you.

  21. Can I take a picture with the front camera like as a selfie ?

  22. Do these Zink photos fade over time?

    Maybe ten or so years ago, I received a photo printer as a gift. At first, I loved printing out my digital photos. But then I realized that the printed photos fade so severely that they become unrecognizable after a few years. Apparently digital photo printers of this time tended to have this issue. Really a ridiculous scam of a product, if you ask me and ruins the whole purpose of printing a digital photo. But I wanted to know if the technology has improved in this regard.


  24. In fairness the video scan thing is pretty cool

  25. I just realized I've been trained by the quality of your videos to hit LIKE as soon as they start. Well, I haven't been wrong yet! Thanks again!

  26. Hey! Cool video! You think you'd be able to review the HP sprocket??

  27. I think the photos when printed look like they are old photos from the 70’s. Don’t really see the point in these as you can print to wireless printers with a lot less faff! Good video though.

  28. cute but no Polaroid

  29. Why is there a key icon on each of the initial prints? Weird.

  30. So you buy an expensive device and they still require you to signup FOR NOTHING AT ALL besides being able to steal your data ! Luckily it such a crap device nobody will ever use it …

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