Product Review & unboxing: Titanium Signature NFC ring (programmable smart ring)

Product Review & unboxing: Titanium Signature NFC ring (programmable smart ring)

This is my Titanium Signature NFC ring product review (and unboxing). I was approached by John Mclear after reviewing the ChiTronic NFC ring and he sent me a full press kit and an authentic NFC ring.
Compared to the ChiTronic Ring it was more stylish, less bulky, and included a ring unlock and NFC tag writing app. It costs roughly three times as much as the ChiTronic ring.
The biggest value I see in the authentic NFC ring is the ring unlock app. You can use the app with a non-genuine NFC ring however it constantly reminds you to verify it (which you cannot do without an authentic Signature Titanium NFC ring). Once you verify the app, it no longer bugs you about verifying. You have to verify and make an account using the NFC ring control app.
NFC ring control is a solid app with many options, howvere I still prefer Samsung Tectiles for writing NFC tags. It may be because I am familiar with it but I just liked it better. The NFC ring control app was very user-friendly and I would highly recommend it to those that are new to NFC.
In the end I would say that the NFC ring codenamed Horizon is a solid product. I do feel the $55 is a little steep, but if your willing to pay for style than it’s not so expensive. Overall a neat product!
I tested it with NFC doors, sending google map coordinates, twitter links, Facebook links, Website links, putting my phone in Car, airplane, work, and home modes. The possibilities are unlimited, you can even open apps with the ring. You could say “hide” tinder from your app list and make it only openable by NFC ring, effectively hiding your dating (or any other private app).
I really enjoyed this ring and look forward to finding as many uses as I can for it.
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