Pebble Connect hands on with Windows Phone

Pebble Connect hands on with Windows Phone


Microsoft had a Pebble Connect app for Windows Phone for notifications. We show you how it works and tell you where you can get it! More information: Subscribe to our Youtube channel:

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  1. Is Windows compatible with the Pebble Time?

  2. Too bad MS wouldn't just go ahead and release this app now that Pebble is defunct. But then again that would go against MS attempt to kill Win10 mobile.

  3. Get fact before doing a review. We're sad to see the peble no longer existing in 2017 we love the peble apple is outclast bay the Samsung gear s3 and the android wear 2016 models.This guy doesn't know anything android wear 2016 update and tison are much faster and better then apple watch os. You don't know anything apple watch is not better get fact's before doing a review.

  4. I don't see it in the windows store. anyone know how to get it?

  5. I, too, would love to get my hands on this app. If anyone has any links, let me know! 🙂

  6. Does anyone have a copy of this app or a valid download link?

  7. Will this work on lumia 550 Windows 10 mobile

  8. Prefer a watch to a Microsoft band 2 is this the best for Windows phone.? or does anyone have an idea when a new watch will be available

  9. Hi, where do i can buy this smartwatch?

  10. Can you somehow change watchfaces and pebble apps while using this for notifications?

  11. does the pebble time connect app also work? im still waiting before buying a windows Phone.

  12. hi everyone!!!
    does anyone still have the valid link to download the app? would much appreciate, thank you.

  13. Where can i find the wallpaper?

  14. "Error – Package could not be registered" !!!

  15. Can you still control music from the pebble?

  16. i like the monochome screen on the pebble and the watch looks more confortable, I think the ms band would be too bulky on my skinny wrist, i s

  17. Огромное количество информации о Windows Phone на русском языке вы найдёте у меня на канале! Заглядывайте!

  18. Amazing vid that already made it's to far far Germany
    could you pls do a how to Video in Addition to your great article .. ? 🙂

  19. Notifications? I'll take it…

  20. i hate the microsoft, because they killed my favourite NOKIA
    thumbs down

  21. In the end ,its all about the money..:/… to create a developer account at microsoft cost u 14 euros=19USD.. thats more than any app u could buy from the app store… correct me if im wrong..

  22. Nowhere near the compatibility and functionality of the Microsoft Band. Still waiting for my tax refund and then Microsoft Band here I come!!

  23. do a video on how to download the app

  24. I left so does phone to await a 1020 successor, I got a stadard pebble to await the pebble time steel. Once both are available, I will lose my shizz. Can't wait

  25. fail for now using wordflow swipe 😛

  26. Hello Good people of Windows Central. I Followed all the procedures including developer unlocked and copying the linked appx file to my device but each time I try to run the app file either within a file explorer on the phone or the windows phone store app (on SD and internal storage) I keep getting a Can't download. Sorry, don't have permission to download this app error. Thoughts?

  27. Finally, the CEO made a smart choice. This would have happened earlyer but the CEO of Pebble didnt agrea with the deal a couple of years ago.

  28. Finally i see a move by pebble and Microsoft…..and i ordered pebble time at the right time….i think till june, when my pebble will come, the app will be fully functional and ready

  29. Want to see an app u can't get but I can? Stay tuned… Hey everybody.. Lame knob

  30. How long beta is avaible? :O first time seeing it

  31. How exactly do we get the app?

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