OtterBox Defender Case for iPhone 5/5s: Review

OtterBox Defender Case for iPhone 5/5s: Review


Review of the OtterBox Defender case for the new Apple iPhone 5 & 5s.


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  1. Great video! Although Otter has now rebranded the Defender Series as Defender Pro, with a couple of changes, including an upgraded warranty, this tutorial still stands as how to install. On Amazon & maybe other sites, there's plenty of the original Defender in stock, select models/colors on promo. Got the job done in 5 minutes, using a grocery savings card to separate the rubber enough to pry the rest open. It's not necessary to fully remove the rubber from bottom of protective shell, just enough to get the iPhone in & put everything back in place.

    Even with the Otter Alpha Glass installed (made for the Otter case line), everything works just as the 'naked' iPhone SE. This is not the case with all screen protectors (often plastic) & bottom of the barrel cases, which is for looks only, to include the Apple branded model. While that one may fit like a glove (as this one), not as protective. One can read reviews where Otterbox Defender protected phones has been buried in the garden, dropped from vehicles & ran over and more. Although the case is often banged up or dirty, the phone not broken & runs as a Rolex.

    Consider the OtterBox Defender (or Defender Pro) as a low cost insurance policy to your expensive smartphone. Most likely, will never need to use the accident protection offered. My only concern, and this is only my opinion, is how will it eat into battery life. Because there's nowhere for the heat when charging, or under hard usage, to escape. Still, a battery replacement costs less to replace than a smashed screen or camera lens, so I can afford to replace a few months earlier, if that's an issue. The Otterbox Defender Pro has no cutout for the Apple symbol, like the Commuter series, so less room to breathe. If I had a say in design management, would use metal on bottom interior to help dissipate heat & add a few breathing vents. Yet, it may not be necessary, simply my opinion.

    The Otterbox Defender is a sweet addition to the iPhone SE (a 6s in the 5 series body), am sure those who has any of the 5 series will love it too! Before you purchase, I recommend to sign up for promos on the Otter site, this is how I saved 25% off the regular price. The modern Web is a smart one, if you look at an item enough, plus sign up for promos, won't have to pay full price.

  2. Do otterbox cases make the SE feel bigger? Cause I'm planning on getting one

  3. Everyone who wants to buy this certain type of case on amazon or ebay be careful cause you could get the wrong one

  4. Can you still get the silent button?

  5. can you still get to the silent button??

  6. Using a motorola dynatac is better than this

  7. I prefer the otterbox over the lifeproof. Especially since I hunt and have a toddler. I had a lifeproof for my 5 and it broke within a month of having it when I accidentally dropped my phone. Decided to get an otterbox instead I've dropped my phone so many times and it still hasn't broke.

  8. Please bring back the old intro

  9. This case wasn’t made for the 5s. They made an updated version that lets you use Touch ID

  10. i had this for my 5s i ended up taking the screen protector off because it annoyed the crap out of me

  11. These cases blow. I had one for my iPhone 4, and now I have one for my iPhone 5s. In both cases, the rubber gets more…”rubbery” over time and loosen around the edges-and it looks like shit. A bunch of coworkers have this exact same issue (work phones where we have to use these cases). The case for the 5 seems to be a little more durable. The screen protector is also garbage, dust gets between the protector and your screen, and you constantly have to remove it to clean it. I just popped that shit out and it’s way better. Big, bulky, dusty, melty, overpriced piece of junk…but to be fair, it does protect the fuck out of your phone.

  12. I can not open this shit heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelllllllllllllllllllllpppppppppppppp

  13. Don’t get it it tears up really easily I just got mine and it’s already super dirty and it’s already tearing

  14. My sister gave me her iPhone 5 and an otterbox to go with it I'm glad she did my 3 year old has dropped it a few times already lol

  15. Wait this is not compatible with the iPhone 5S’s Touch ID?

  16. While climbing Mt. Sinai, we got caught in some cloud cover, I made a quick move, and dropped my phone. It took at least a twenty foot slide over rocks and debris. Fortunately, my brother Aaron was able to retrieve it, little or no damage, certainly a miracle.

  17. This design is a piece of junk,
    At least the holster part,
    I had one, lasted 6 months,
    Before the single top clip broke, as it caught on my seat belt getting out of the vehicle,
    so I went without one for a long while, finally decided to get another, well it only last 2 weeks before it broke off,
    Just an overall poor design, the amount of force required to put phone in, and the single clip at top is a weak spot,
    I wasted another $45!


  19. This works amazingly my parents have this case for their iPhone 5s and my dad has dropped his iPhone so many times and his phone doesn't have one scratch on it. Totally recommend

  20. Holster clip = Dad clip

  21. Can the holster clip be used as stand?

  22. How does he know there was a 5s it was uploaded in 2012? #TimeTravelConfirmed

  23. I have the 5s and the same case!

  24. u can't use touch ID with this case on @DetroitBORG

  25. .this is a china made and it is a fake the real one is made in mexico

  26. I don't recommend using a 5a in this because of no Touch ID

  27. I snapped my finger opening pulling the tab. Fir the on button

  28. Thnak you so much for this review it was extremely helpful. I'm very appreciative

  29. Howmuch is the case?

  30. What about the 5s touch id? is it still accessible?

  31. my otterbox for my 6 broke

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