OnePlus One Review – Best Deal on a Smartphone!

OnePlus One Review – Best Deal on a Smartphone!


Here’s my full review of OnePlus One and why it’s the best “deal” on a smartphone at the moment. I feel like OnePlus One is the new “Nexus” device, it’s the killer deal just like older Nexus 4/5 were. I would totally get this over the new Nexus 6, in fact you can buy two of these for the the cost of one N6.

Get it here:

See full review write-up/transcript here:

OnePlus One Review – Best Deal on a Smartphone!

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  1. What's up, gu{s. You Tried Hatd! wrench hole What's your opinion about this,$guys 1!

  2. looks like every other generic android phone dont understand the hype. looks like android geeks simply think the math name of the phone is witty, whihc means android users are virgins.

  3. is there a store in the Philippines?

  4. It looks like. You Made It Happen! aberrant promise 1!

  5. High Five! cloistered flap What's your opinion about !!

  6. 16 and 64 GB not 32 and 64

  7. Love your reviews man. Not like all those boring reviewers flooded all over youtube. Highonandroid Highonandroid Highonandroid. Lol

  8. +zedomax hi max. When do u think the plus 2 will release? Should i buy the plus one or wait for the next gen. Do u think the plus one price will drop after plus 2 release or they will just discontinue plus one. In dillema right now. Please help.

  9. Got 2 invites let me know if anyone wants one.Both Invites expire in 2 days so if u see this comment late don't bother giving me your email.

  10. Don't wanna be mean but I'm pretty sure it's 299$ for the 16gb version.
    A 32gb version doesn't exist

  11. Greetings. Great video. Could you please tell me which version of cyanogen came loaded your team? 05Q or the 44s? Thank You.

  12. Laughing like mad man when I saw your rooted hair with Blonde custom ROM! Hahahaha! Did you find any bug in your daily usage? Is it stable enough for daily driver? LOL 😀

    Btw, awesome review sir!

  13. there is no 32gb version..only 16 and 64gb lol

  14. oneplus doesnt spend any chash on advertisement so they can sell the phone alot cheaper

  15. +zedomax  can you sell me a device from your colletion ?

  16. Great review, but should i buy this phone or the oppo find 7a? And why?

  17. It does have a removable back cover. The battery can also be removed with a screwdriver and a bit of time.

  18. is that a double wide computer monitor, or camera distortion?

  19. Been owning my OPO since October and it's "hands down" my favorite overall android phone.  The only phone I'd purchase aside from this is the S5 on sale for less than $400. And by the time the S5 is that cheap…the OnePlus 2 will be out!

    Thanks for your review!

  20. Thinking of buying a one plus one from Amazon soon, can't decide if I should of not.

  21. There is no 32 GB version!!

  22. This phone turned you into a Super Saiyan

  23. Does it have an SD card slot?

  24. Uh… There is no 32GB version. What a review!

  25. Can i get lolipop on smg900t1 s5

  26. Hey max
    The 299$ is 16g not 32g

  27. 320$ on alliexpress with free shipping but no guarantee in europe I think but its best deal for oneplusone anyway

  28. Could you please show how to download a sumsung galaxy s3 driver

  29. I heard that you can buy it without an invite only for 1 hr on Jan 20th

  30. Love at the first touch

  31. Another con is the absence of a microSD port. That's my only dealbreaker

  32. Are there any videos on the best cheapest phones? My vote would be the Samsung Galaxy Light. It has a tiny following waiting for a CM12 ROM that's in development.

  33. Still the best Android phone I've ever used to date

  34. Your daughter is strong pushing and pulling you in that cart. Girl power! 💪

  35. Watching video on my one plus one ..the battery life is amazing .. I really hope the company isn't loosing money

  36. High quality vid Max! Keep em' coming!

  37. too bad they did the invite thingy. Many people would have bought it over the NX5 back then, including me. And yes I get it, they only intended to sell 50,000 units, they're a small company. I'm just saying, they missed a lot of sales and people have turned to other phones like the NX5, and Moto's now… Not sure how the Oneplus Two will do this year if Moto keeps improving.

  38. +zedomax great video/review max..I must say that I agree with everything you said..Thanks for posting even though its been MONTHS in the making 👍👍👍👍👍

  39. Awesome Review! I love the OnePlusOne. I'm definitely getting one. 

  40. My OnePlus One is running 4.4.4 still, I might wait for the final release which maybe never

  41. Xperia Z2 is the best value right now

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