Nokia Lumia 930 vs Lumia 1520 – The Last Nokia Review

Nokia Lumia 930 vs Lumia 1520 – The Last Nokia Review


Is the Nokia Lumia 930 a good buy and how does it stack up against the mighty 1520. This might be my last Nokia review.
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Tamron 17-50/2.8

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  1. You made me fall in love with Nokia again
    My God I'm buying the Lumia 930 right now

  2. finally someone who agrees with me ! windows phone is the best os !

  3. dam I am Happy as fck that i still have my nokia Lumia 930 and it is still working Beautifully even Do its 2018. i would not trade this phone for an Iphone x or iphone 50s or what ever stupid apple phone come up with and no way in hell i am even going to use Samsung I will use this phone till it break and when it break i will find a way to fix it even if i have to black market all the part 🙂

  4. I feels like crying. Watching this video

  5. My most watched YouTube video ever. I mean I've watched it more than a 15 times. And I've never watched any other video ever again….
    As you know Nokia phones are back. Can you review them?? I mean phones don't matter. Your review style does….♥️

  6. Well looks like I'm going to be crying myself to sleep tonight. RIP Nokia 1520, you were my best phone bro eves.

  7. i still have my nokia lumia N930 and guest what its still working and i would not trade it for an iphone x or even an iPhone tht is 50 years from the future
    nokia last great phone i would bie 1st b4 i use a stupid iphone.

  8. Well done video… I had a Nokia 920 back in the day… But wanted the 1520 but did not got it then… I know the technology is way late but the price on the 1520 as gone down sooo much I ended up getting one …

  9. Do you think you'll be reviewing the new Nokias?

  10. To be honest, I've never believed in commenting on YouTube videos, but something about this made me do something I've never done before.

    There may be better reviews put up there by people (or organizations), but for me, this one has has to be the best (by far) that I've come across. There will be an obvious bias because I am a self confessed Nokia & Windows Phone fan too, but I'd like to believe that there's more to it than just a bias.

    Your cinematography, and your narrative strike a chord with the viewer in a manner that evokes emotions – and therein lies the brilliance of this review.

    And yes, I agree that the Lumia 920 (especially with Windows Phone 8.1) was the best Nokia Windows phone ever, very closely followed by the Lumia 930 – both of which I very proudly (and sentimentally) use even today! While 8.1 rocked on the Lumia 930, in some ways it got the upgrade it deserved with Windows 10 Mobile.

    I too believe that Windows Phone (and later Windows Mobile) was, and probably still is, the best mobile OS ever designed! And Nokia's iconic design prowess – with that emphasis on industrial design – was perhaps the perfect match for such an intuitive (and lightweight) OS platform.

    After all, in a world of all metal (or glass) designs today, how many phones are there which can hold their own with plastic (polycarbonate) casings! And in that classic timelessness of the design of the 920 (and the 930 to some extent) lies the brilliance of Nokia's design prowess.

    I write this at a time Nokia has made a return thru HMD Global, and after having got myself a Nokia 6 (out of sheer nostalgia & curiosity), I have to say that it just doesn't feel the same with Android! All of a sudden, specifications such as the processor and RAM started having a say in my opinion, prompting me to give feedback for a Snapdragon 630 (instead of the 430) and 4 GB of RAM – since the specifications (unfortunately) did impact performance – and my user experience.

    This is such a departure from the emphasis that Nokia & Windows Phone laid on user exeprience – as against specifications. The brilliance of Windows Phone (and later Windows Mobile) lay in how beautifully it worked on relatively lower hardware specifications – a testimony to the inherent design efficiency of the Windows Mobile platform – very similar to the philosophy of Apple for iOS.

    And so, predictably (and thankfully), Nokia has today announced a new (2018) edition of the Nokia 6 – with a Snapdragon 630 and 4 GB of RAM, – while retaining the industrial design brilliance of the 2017 edition.

    The eternal optimist that I am, I do hope that Microsoft makes a return with Windows Phone one day, hopefully driven as an outcome of Microsoft's current business strategy focused on the Cloud. Moreover, I am hoping that Microsoft's current Mobile strategy – of focusing on making available Microsoft apps on Android & iOS – will yield results, and in some way justify a return (one that makes business sense) to the Mobile OS world.

    There's always room for 3 players in any market – and I see no reason why Windows Mobile can't be that third player – after Android and iOS. Of course, for that they have to first overcome (the seemingly unsurmountable) app ecosystem challenge.

    Content is king – and if Microsoft wins the content battle on the Cloud (against Google & Amazon) – they will (eventually) win the Mobile battle too.

    And since design purity is so integral to the Windows Mobile experience – who better to partner with for hardware – than design stalwarts like Nokia (HMD), Motorola (Lenovo), and HTC – in future!

    Fingers crossed!

  11. The same video recording?? Really?? NO WAY.. the 1520 video records 2160P 4K.. And the audio recording from the 4 mics blows everything away. No comparison

  12. Jap I am getting Lumia in 2018. Does it mean I am mad? hihi L950 or 930?

  13. I cant agree it was the best phone. The previous version of the Nokia was simpler and easier to use. The camera of the 925 was terrific as to the operating system that took a while to get the hang of it.

  14. This is my most voluntarily viewed video on any platform.

  15. Watching this in 2017. I gave up on my Lumia 950 XL, pre ordered a Pixel 2 XL.
    But I already know I am going to miss windows and Nokia's charm.
    The Nokia N8 and 1520 were my most beloved and enjoyable phones…

  16. Wow… really dodged a bullet here! I just watched your video because I was considering buying a Lumia 930 on eBay… Then I saw this… Microsoft gives up on Windows 10 Mobile

  17. Duuuuude! This is like the best review video I've watched! Nokia was truly the best phone manufacturer on the planet. I'm starting to think their downfall was due to their obsessive need to make perfect devices at huge production costs and sell them at a fraction of that cost. In my opinion, selling off their phone division to Microsoft is one of the most painful take-overs in history. Right now, I would rather buy a refurbished Nokia than buy an equivalent Microsoft phone (or Samsung) at the same cost. My mum has owned a Nokia 1100 for more than 15 years now and, apart from the replaced battery, it still works perfectly till now. To keep the Nokia spirit in the family, all the smartphones I've owned have been by Nokia. My current primary phone is a 1520, the secondary phone is a 520 and after watching this video, I'm now looking to buy the 930 (new, used or refurbished) before it disappears forever. Nokia was truly the best.

  18. Nokia is back.. what would you say?

  19. Nokia is back though with full of disappointment.

  20. It is almost 3 years since Nokia create these awesome phones. Can you Consider make a review on the Nokia 8 which is the Nokia's Big Return to smartphones?

  21. Please do a Nokia 6 and Nokia 8 video

  22. Thank you for the video I want a secondhand windows phone and I am thinking the 930 but love the classic look 1520 but it is too big for me so what Lumia would you recommend as I like taking photos? thanks if you can recommend Bob UK

  23. WOOOOOO!!! Nokia IS BACK baby!

  24. I have the nokia 1020  50megapixel small fame one. the issue was it was so good but they made a mistake  without a lenses for example prime 16mm,35mm to start and macro lens. There was no macro. If someone can figure out to diy into medium format that would be great.

  25. Fuckn hell you are THE BEST reviewer mate …

  26. Wonderful presentation!!

  27. for some reason I keep coming back to this video. Even though my lumia 1520 died 2 years back and the 930 retired not that long after. But seriously, every time I come back here I actually want to switch back to windowsphone. (Which is not possible because of work apps and such :c ) Please do more phone reviews like these!

  28. Fantastic video quality and audio production. I watch this video from time to time out of enjoyment.

  29. After I first saw this video, it literally makes me bought Lumia 925, just for the sake of having a nokia phone before its too late. I have since sold that phone of course 😀 but it really show just how good and persuasive this review is. I wish you start making phone review again.

  30. This was a beautiful send off to Nokia's Lumia line. What with the exquisite storytelling (Yeah! Storytelling. In a review!), aesthetically beautiful cinematography, and a charming love for more than just a gadget, but more for a lifestyle, I would consider this a tribute to what seems to be forthcoming, the inevitable conclusion of the entire Windows Phone chapter. I am a huge Windows Phone fan who has had the misfortunate of having to leave the franchise for lack of nessecary features pertaining to my work. In the end, I love your video for its class and enormous respect for a brand I can only remember now.That is of course, until they come up with something else.😉 Thank you.

  31. It's 2017 and i'm watching this video because i'm considering buying this smartphone because of its camera. I miss Nokia!!

  32. Even today in 2017 that I currently own an HTC 10 and a Lumia 950xl I always go back to this video cause it creates some type of feeling in me about the legendary Nokia. People praise Apple so much and all they have done is copy and paste everyone and everything. Nokia had such rich history that in my opinion Apple will never have. Never got a chance to own the 930 but I know it was a legendary phone.

  33. Mattias …you really got me emotional.. man!! I always fought with all my peers defending NOKIA and the Lumia against iOS/Android.Sadly most of the population never really understood the awesome of Windows Mobile. I had a Lumia 1020 and simply it was groundbreaking in terms of what it could do with technology in 2013 -which everyone copied in the coming years…

  34. wow l feel like I watched a great a documentary film , great video btw.

  35. Seen this review about 4 times. Its equally amazing each time. Great cinematography and script 😀

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