Nokia Lumia 930 Review… by an Android Fan!

Nokia Lumia 930 Review… by an Android Fan!


That’s right, I’ve been sent another Windows Phone!


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  1. To be reviewed any platforms properly and fairly, be a fan of no OS first. How can you be that one? If it's good, you use it, you like it, you do a review about it

  2. apps are still a problem

  3. had one like this had it for 6 months glad i sold it on only good thing about the phone was the camera

  4. I used to have an Android phone but I got tired of being bossed around. Another aspect is the reason why they last longer, unless you are very cautious., I've dropped my Nokia Lumia 930 more than, probably, a hundred times, and I'm not talking about. 4-5 inches. I'm talking about 4-5 feet and while I'm walking. So it bounces several times. It still works perfectly. Actually I'm writing this from the very same. Nokia phones have always been superior in two things. Very sturdy and the Best Cameras in the Market. You don't have any moving backgrounds, very well done, I admit but consumed the non replaceable battery in a year or so. This one is one year old and still behaves as it did after the first time. Cheers.

  5. Lumia 930 is cool. Perfect camera. etc… 930VS Lenovo Shot???? 930 Is winer 🙂

  6. I had an idea. Nokia will create Windows 10 powered phones. These are not just phone. They can transform into pc by just plugging in your smartphone into hdtvs.

  7. Try to fill any android device with apps to fill more than 50% of memory. The device get slow and you might have to restart the device due to freezing . The more apps you put in the more the device get slower with problems. That was a reason for me to move to Microsoft. I have no problem with this issue on windows phone. I need my phone to work reliably all the time and not to restart it every day. I'm giving thumbs up for windows phone

  8. new iphone 6 ..its BIGGER did yer hear that yes its BIGGER……LUMIA 930 SHIT ALL OVER IT

  9. Good review. I think the 930 video and pics look way more detailed and realistic, though.

  10. i think the nokia lumia 930 is a great phone as long it do what you need i dont see the problem

  11.  i want to ask.. did this phone can watch movie while typing the massage on the same time

  12. For the camera, I bet 100% it was your error causing the images, Nokia Camera app is one aimed more at people who do photography, it has many options and settings to have the camera exactly how you want it, and default settings can be a bit iffy.

  13. You gave some one named "AndriodAndy" a non android phone to review and expected him to be unbiased? LOL.

  14. Camera quality not so great! What!!!!! No way are you using this properly. The camera is bloody awesome.

  15. You have not tweeked settings for video. You must have it on message length video. Used a 930 and my video experience was amazing!!!!!! Camera is amazing!

  16. shit review,,, why demo it playing a basic game and say it runs smooth… silly

  17. when i compare photos between my 930 and my friends s5 then we both agree that my photo was slightly better, and now since Denim update, the camera i MINDBLOWING! 
    Take that Android xD 😛

  18. Well I think the blurry camera is because that the cam glass wasnt clean when u take pics. I have to clean the cam glass to very clean for my 1020 in order to take a excellent pic… Well for the front cam, it is not good in Android, but apple's 6+ is still 1.3mp, what do u think of that…

  19. nice review, however dont understand what you dont like about the quality build, just wonder what you would say to Iphone6 plus-bend ability. Had the l920 now l930, was watching also for some other choice like, LG g3 (way too big, batery life, heating, and some HW problems from start), S5 more much expensive then th L930, I agree that there are some problems with the Amoled display, battery life, and the camera, but this all will be improved with Denim. Last words the HW specs, who dfq cares if you have a 800/801/805, and end user is mostly concerned about the performance, if the games, OS is so optimalized that you can run everything smooth, who cares if theres is a S800, next time people will cry why only 2GB RAM, not 3GB like android, well if it doesnt need it?

  20. typical android fan suggestion don't review windows phone again or iPhone cause u clearly like android better

  21. Lumia phones are best known for camera. i take really good pictures from my Lumia.

  22. The Lumia's seem to suffer when transferring between areas that are lit differently. It's a known issue and they're working on solving it. It's the firmware that is the problem. Lumia Denim should alleviate a lot of the problems while also adding 4K recording and a HDR function. High res image is 16mp while the smaller one saved is 5mp 🙂

    Great video otherwise and I've dropped you a sub.

  23. I changed from Samsung S3 (gt-i9300) to Lumia 930
    It was not a bad choice for me…  I will never miss the knock-on feature 😀

    I got my 930 3 days ago.  I am now officially amazed.  It simply does everything that I did on my iPhone,  Yes if your a app junkie then you might have a issue, though it has all the popular apps and social media, built in sat nav, And for me the games which I use maybe 3 or 4 a year, isn't a issue. I loved my iPhone, im been using them since 3g, I wanted something different, and the 930 has given me that in buckets along with a wonderful experience.  Yeh there's changes id like to see, but to be fair there's changes on iPhone and android id also like to see.  My Wireless charger hasn't failed a single time im guessing im either by default placing it in a different way or maybe yours was a bit bugged, faulty.  Ive actually tried to put the phone off Centre on the wireless circle and until it starts tipping, it still charges :).
    There is a couple of negatives but only one big one and that's for playing my own music I really don't like Xbox music, there are apps
     (but yes they suck mostly.) but Id rather use the built in system.  But I have cheated and live tiled all my 60 albums to my start screen and put them in a folder giving me a view of 24 live tiles at any time of my albums(which is what I wanted.).  (yes id like a sd card or at least 64gig of storage Though I still have 10 gig left after putting my full music collection on and 7 hq vid movies.)  But then if storage and cost is a defining factor you'd better to go android cause even the iPhone doesn't have a sd slot, and charges you a lot more for just 32gig spare, at least its default on the 930, so that's a positive.  Yeh the sim card slot sucks and thk god we only use it rarely,  I love the iPhone sim slot and wish theyd use it here.  Id also prefer the power buton on top like the iPhone and flight of physical button like the iPhone. I love the action center which we ripped off android, its fantastic, but if needs more choices.  IPhone also did a good rip of from android on it:)
    Id like to see both settings menu and program menu change to a tiles system but you know what, after 1 day it so isn't a issue for me, and apart from visually it isn't that much different(scrolling wise) from using my iPhone.  Thought iPhone fanatics would moan AT ANYTHING. 
    But overall I ordered the orange phone got the green, I love the bright colored phone(watching a vi the back is changeable and its easy but you just have to be carful peeling it off.  Starting point is inside sim try.), I love the interface and I love the live tiles.  I use this phone like I first used my iPhone back in the 3g days when it exited me(remember titan 2 win 6.5 mobile with hc home, before apple lol).  There's nothing wrong with iPhone but for me win 930 phone is fresh exiting and just like a new flash toy.  And after 2 days of usage I went from öh no it doesn't do that or it doesn't do this like the iPhone, are windows stupid to, WOW stop listening to people it does do this it does do that, its a small learning curve(you actually have to go to settings and read). but it does virtually everything my iPhone did and cleaner faster and with more fun brought back to the mix. Ple if your thinking of a top phone and you wana change this is it(lets create a third eco system so prices get cheaper).  IPhone are great yeh, androids are great yeh for me undeniably right now this is a awesome phone.  Buy 1 use it and I dare you to send it back on day 7 for free and order a iPhone, you simply wont.(unless your a heavy app games user or you have a essential app missing, something you can check on the windows checker pages lol.).  I also have small hands and this phone feels great especially taking pictures. Id say after watching like 200 reviews I expected a huge phone, so I was surprised when I got it that it wasn't any way near what I expected,  It felt thinner lol.
    Ps: loved the review keep doing them, it helped me make my choice to buy a 930:)

  25. You have to be objective if you really want people to view your videos! Not everyone is into google apps so to say you struggled to use this 

    phone as your daily driver will not apply to everyone. Watch Lisa on mobiletechreview and learn!

  26. Thankyou, this is the only decent video on this phone that I've seen. I will be getting this phone, good video 🙂

  27. and from what i seen from the camera maybe you just took a bad  photo when i take them on my 925 i ussually take 2 or 3. 1 will be terrible because of user error and the rest will be wonderful.

  28. nokia have the best in call quality out there

  29. agreed with the camera button its a good phone but they moved it in which is really stupid i have a 925 the camera button is perfect

  30. Android fans normally seem to be very anti-windows but i thought that this was a very honest review. If you were wondering the update that you were talking about is called denim and is meant to completely transform the camera. Like 4k video and a low light setting which takes a flash photo and a non flash photo and you can adjust the amount of light afterwards, so hopefully it will be a big improvement. Ive had this phone for about 3 months now and i am very impressed with the speed, build quality, speakers, battery life and the built in wireless charging! The biggest downside to me is the app store but some of the third party apps are actually much better than the originals on IOS. I find that the OS is more a matter of opinion than anything else, i love the OS, i think that the live tiles are very useful and unique to windows, although blink-feed also looked quite nice, but my friend hates windows mainly because of the lack of jailbreaking/routing. It is definitely a high end phone and is the new flagship phone for Nokia. I would recommend it mainly because i find it so nice to use. Good review, nice to see an honest opinion and i hope you learnt something from my comment!

  31. Great vid, really disappointed by the 930's camera samples though :/

  32. this is a first video i have seen where some1 criticize camera on 930 

  33. This against the 1520, which one has the better feel in hand?  Which one performs better in day-to-day situations?

  34. Hi Andy, great video!
    I was thinking of getting a windows phone but I was wondering what will I lose from going to windows from android and what will I gain from going to windows.

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