Nokia Lumia 925 Review | One Year Later! | Windows 8.1

Nokia Lumia 925 Review | One Year Later! | Windows 8.1


Hey Guys, Back from a short intermission to bring you a review of the Nokia Lumia 925. This phone is an awesome choice for someone looking for a mid priced Windows Phone. Just to clarify, The battery life is just because of the 8.1 Developer beta. I loved my time using the 925, and I’ll probably keep it for awhile to keep track on the updates.

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  1. 4 year and i still using 925..Past 4 year never ever i think about like why i did buy this phone..Every second of my Lumia 925 i'am glad..Fuck the android or iphone so was the windows phone best stabilazed system ever..4 Fucking years and my system my phone camera anything is still same as first day of when i got my phone..No slow no system errors..nothing So my friendship with nokia started in 1999 with 3210 to 3650 to lumia 925..after 18 year i say nokia is better phone than anything for whatever reason or Age..

  2. is it upgradable to windows 10 ?

  3. how do you get the purple led

  4. awesome video,rocking a lumia 535(actually typing the comment from it using mytube)

  5. The most reliable Nokia's I've ever had were the pre-smartphone Nokias, like the flip-phones. Other than that, their most reliable smartphone I've used was absolutely the Lumia 920. Never many issues with it, other than the volume rocker – but the volume rocker has proven to be an issue on every Nokia Lumia device.

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  7. How did you enable the 3 columns? Not on my 8.1 update.

  8. LOW BATTERY LIFE? OH PLEASE USE FUCKIGN BRAINS. ALL TIME WIFI, GPS AND OTHER SHIT IS ON… OF COURSE IT'S LOW. My nokia 925 lasts me 4 days with one charge. turn of that shitty clock, dont use wifi if there is no wifi. you phone always searches for wifi around that's drain power as hell. So not windows suck-you just dumb.

  9. Thanks, dude, really good review!

  10. i had a nokia phone that was able to read emojis and send them does this nokia phone do the same?

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  12. If you install the Lumia Camera app, will we be able to shoot close ups with no problem because the focus is adjustable.

  13. Here's my honest review about Lumia 925:
    1. Battery life is very weak, especially if you turn on your location and you open your apps
    2. Overheating issue, sometimes I can't receive calls because the phone is way too hot
    3. The camera performs very well, but only in dark condition. In daylight it performs just average
    4. The apps catalog is getting better, but still no match for Android and iOS. Good for normal and common user.

  14. press and hold the search button, this makes cortana start listening as soon as you press it

  15. Can I use the Nokia Lumia 925 with AT&T GoPhone account?

  16. Mannnnn u got the one of the best phone camera technology int the world but u don't know how to use manual focus for shooting close up object? 

  17. The batteries life cant long last even a day.its really negative sides at that even after wp8.1 cyan update.but the experience totally best phone.

  18. I'm curious, after updating to windows 8.1, is there a use for the physical dedicated camera button on the 925? Does it still work for the camera, or is there a way to re-assign it to do something else? It's kind of odd to end up with a button that doesn't do anything after the update. I'm considering purchasing this phone but the button thing can be a deal breaker.

  19. +Jordan Floyd Hey jordan, I'm planning to buy the lumia 925 this month, do you still encounter the same low battery life problem after updating to windows 8.1 Cyan ?

  20. my camera works really well up close and i can turn the flash off.. possibly be a problem with your phone?

  21. I don't get push notifications for apps like KiK and whatsapp on mine, i did but then one day they just stopped. A lot of people seem to have this problem. It's very annoying 

  22. you forgot the memory. How do you manage memory.? only 16 gb

  23. how can i make blink like that in top right of the screen?

  24. Hey man I need your help…

    I am not able to enable notification light… How to enable it..

  25. my lumia 925 can last for one day after the hard reset.

  26. Hi Jordan, great review. I plan on buying this phone and i was wondering about the battery life. I don't usually keep 3G/4G activated all the time, i only open my internet connection if i want to check my emails or i wanna search something and i'm on the go, however i most of the time i have access to wi-fi  (at home, at work, restaurant etc.) do you think this phone can make it through a day with the wifi on most of time? I also, don't play games on the phone.

  27. Good overall review, but the part on the camera may have been a bit misrepresentative. While you can turn off the flash itself, the LED is still used as a "focus assist" to help increase contrast for autofocus. That can be turned off as well in the options. Close up shots are also one of the great feats of the camera, but are best taken advantage of with the Nokia Pro Camera controls instead of the stock autofocus.

  28. which is better nokia lumia nokia lumia 925 or 1320

  29. I have that same phone and my battery lasts up to two days depending on how much I use it

  30. thanks for ur video review I have the same model and I just love it. as any other Nokia phone it was build in solid rock. mine has some scratches but it is ok. I'm looking foward to update this phone in future what are your fav high end devices that can make u say ok I'll change this for this new one.

  31. i think u're wrong about close up picture for example I shot a pictures close up and lumia makes great things.

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