Nokia Lumia 820 Review – Phones 4u

Nokia Lumia 820 Review – Phones 4u


Nokia Lumia 820 review from Phones 4u. The Nokia Lumia 820 is the latest Microsoft-powered handset to emerge from the Finnish firm’s stable, boasting a whole host of new features including Xbox Music and a Live Tiles interface that is even more customisable, closely aligning the mobile platform with its Windows 8 desktop counterpart.

Alongside existing features such as SkyDrive cloud storage, the Lumia 820 boasts an improved camera complete with a host of apps making it a multimedia lover’s dream. The clever smartphone also has the looks to go with its brains featuring a splash of bright colour in the form of removable rear covers.

Internet Explorer 10 also arrives to give browsing capabilities a shot in the arm, whilst an expansive 4.3-inch AMOLED display and an internal storage boosting microSD slot mean you can indulge in pure multimedia heaven. And as if that wasn’t enough, a powerful 1.5GHz dual-core processor will handle everything with aplomb and wireless charging will keep the Lumia 820 juiced up to the max.

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  1. The price in my country has dropped alot and the phone comes from an authorized Microsoft reseller and an year's warranty I think it could be around 80$ ?

  2. Can you use a VR headset with this phone there is a app I think plus there are headsets with support 3.5-6 inch phones so does this phone fit ? or is it too chunky?

  3. The camera of this phone matches the camera of the Asus Max with 13 MP, and even beats it when it comes to close photography.

  4. Had this for three years and loved it QQ Miss nokia

  5. I may ask,what is better Nokia lumia 820 or 822?

  6. I know that the Nokia is the best phone 
    but the problem is in it's store they need to work mooooore on their store it's empty

  7. got my nokia lumia 820. i love using the camera.


  9. For anyone thinking of buying this, please please don't. The operating system is horrible. Very few features and the app store is a full year behind android and apple. Stick to android or IOS in my opinion. Don't make the same mistake I did. 

  10. Great phone, always had the best features for a good price, im drooling over the lumia 830.

  11. +jericho acquin magkano mo ang 820 ?

  12. please make more reviews phones 4 u. Your review was really impressive. One of the best I should say. 😀

  13. go for the lumia 820 because it is now running windows 8.1, which is a great software upgrade from microsoft.

  14. they have instagram beta and 6 snap in the windows store. Windows phone version of Instagram and Snapchat. 😀

  15. can download whatsapp and viber.

  16. the device is still recommendable. 😀

  17. Finally got Lumia 820 last week in Philippines, Feels good and Awsome

  18. Love how you make the review with great filming and good cameras keep it up

  19. can you download viber ?

  20. man if windows phone had instagram …… it would blow android and ios out of the water !! sounds stupid but very true

  21. I don't know whether to go for this or the Blackberry Z10? Anyone know which one I should choose?

  22. I am looking for a Nokia Lumia arogunz the Pricerange of the 620 to the 820 (no more than 300€)wich would you reccomend? I like the 820 but the device is old compared to other Lumias, is it still recommendable?

  23. which colour option would i chose for lumia 820

  24. please answer my question! lumia 720/.820 or htc 8x?

  25. I am going to buy this phone

  26. Someone help don't know what to get lumia 625 or lumia 820

  27. iphone is still on top imo, but this is much much better than any android. The only part i'm disappointed with (and i think it should be mentioned on the spec sheet) is that the additional memory from the micro SD card can NOT be used to save apps … it can hold pictures, songs, etc. but NOT apps.

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