Nokia Lumia 735 review

Nokia Lumia 735 review


It’s almost as if billing the Lumia 735 as a ‘selfie phone’ does it a disservice. There’s no denying that it’s one of the most competent devices in the space for this sort of thing, but it can do and offer so much more.

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  1. I miss phones with this type of design… ):

  2. Both the front and the rear camera are amazing, the problem is the basic camera app that comes with the phone doesn't get good pictures. Make sure to buy the $2 ProShot Classic app from the store, that's how you get much more beautiful pictures than with the Lumia basic app. What's killing the 730 is taking videos: terribly shaky no matter what. So if you are into taking videos, this is not your phone. But if you are into taking pictures, this is one of a kind phone. Also, it has great ear piece sound, great microphone, good battery, beautiful looking screen (the screen touch works not so great, it scratches really easily and has issues with the auto dimming function). Pleasant and light to keep in hand – you absolutely need a silicon cover because the battery case is slippery like a soap bar.

  3. I still want one even after more than two years later.

  4. What about a calculator app?

  5. I managed to install android on this phone (took a while) and lol i overclocked the processor to 1.7Ghz

  6. How do I set up My Family? I accidentally made my age lower

  7. not really good phone actually. the front camera doesn't work so well.

  8. Lumia 735 work with Micro SIM, or only with Nano SIM ?

  9. I'm going to buy Lumia 735.

  10. Lumia 730 or lumia 735 witch is better .

  11. I am an Android user, but I have a Windows phone Lumia 635 for office works. Windows phones are much faster, smoother working, but the no. of applications…that's the only reason why I don't change my personal phone to this.

  12. Wow, that rear camera beeping feature at 04:30 is really innovative. If Apple did that it would feature in the Keynote surely. Lumias are not marketed very well.

  13. Parasail  – Silent Partner

  14. Can you get snapchat, iTunes and all those apps?

  15. Surprised by this 735! It has all good specs(great 2 cameras, good display, lte, wireless charging, loud speaker, and perfect dimension). Today, for 199 euro is a best buy if u want ti try a Windows Phone.

  16. Should i get lumia 735 or nexus 5?
    I want a good camera phone!

  17. Currently use g htc one and nokia Lumia 520 for work my HTC one is pretty beat up thinking of getting this phone and going sim only when contract runs out

  18. I always like the look of windows/lumia phones but they just dont seem to cut it with the specs.

  19. gr8 b8 m8 i r8 8/8 plz dnt h8 apreci8 & it wikk be gr8 lets convers8 we can meet at the g8 dnt be l8 it is ur f8

  20. torn between this and the sony xperia Z3….my wife has the Nokia 630 and I think it looks better than Android.

  21. @Ema Putyte
    U cannot. There is no official app by Snapchat.

  22. can i use snapchat on lumia 735??

  23. If only Lumia 1320 has 730's camera…

  24. Windows Phone is a joke :')

  25. Lol who buys this crap? Nokia and Microsoft together are a disaster.

  26. can i use whatsapp ? on the lumia 735

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