My iPhone XS Max Is Doing Something Weird…

My iPhone XS Max Is Doing Something Weird…


My iPhone XS Max is doing something weird. Subscribe for my upcoming iPhone XS Max review.


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  1. This is not ok. This is what’s wrong with society. I don’t want this crap. I like the 6s

  2. Apple confirms beauty filter

  3. 1:31 Alô brasileiros!
    Estes 4 caras são o Alex Escobar! Estou brincando.

  4. when I see these pictures from XS it reminds me of my old 4S 😀

  5. “Guys I’m noticing something weird with my iPhone…”

    What that fact it not getting viruses like all androids lol

  6. Hey just a little question, when I look a video on my phone (Xs Max) there is a green line on the side and on the bottom of the video screen do you have the same problem ?

  7. Apparently been fixed in iOS 12.1..can we get an unbox therapy style test?

  8. Apple please stop putting this "Korean plastic surgery" effect.

  9. Hate the Xs looks like I’m using a fckn Android.

  10. is that really iphone x ??? its like iphone xr the yellow one ?

  11. "Beauty mode"? No thank you, if you ask me I would rather be without front facing camera than have that ugly notch!

  12. Ok so I recently got the iPhone xr and I wanted to take a picture for Instagram and wooooah i think it’s even more than the ones he showed here ☠️I don’t like it

  13. What watch is he USing? Huami?

  14. So better to buy Apple XSS MAX next year

  15. the X looks best . I mean if they put the beauty mode off button it would be much preferable

  16. I have the same problem with my Xs Max and I honestly wished I knew this before I bought the phones. I would've never got it

  17. What NO ONE is talking about….or told me is that Apple OLED screen have some crazy flickering thing they do that causes massive eye strain and head aches for a small percentage of people…AND….I just happen to be one of those people. Sucks…I really wanted to keep that bad boy. It's not the screen itself per se I guess…but how it's calibrated. I guess anything less than 250 hz CAN have this issue…and they choose 240. At least that's the skinny I've heard.'s called pwm. Check it out …..or…don't. I guess you'll find out soon enough if it's a problem for you anyway.

  18. Are you sure you didn't take a photo of you in makeup or a doll? This is stupid, get rid of this apple!

  19. just bought the xs max and i feel regret after watching tbh…i should buy the iphone 8 plus 🙁

  20. That happened to me but the camera is just a different type of camera

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