My Home Credit iPhone 6 2017 Experience

My Home Credit iPhone 6 2017 Experience


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My Home Credit Philippines iPhone 6 2017 Experience

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  1. Ang gadget ba ng home credit . Kagaya lng rin po ba ng plan? .
    For example samsung na brand made in china ho ba or made in vietnam?

  2. this is very helpful sir because of you my mom is getting me an iPhone 6 thank you for thiss

  3. As qlang po may dawn payment rin ba ang ref

  4. got mine free home credit is bullshit dont believe this paid shill

  5. Nag ooffer pala ng apple products ang home credit? Parang wala kasi akong nakikita dto saamin.

  6. P32,400 total? Basing from Jake's comment. You can get an iPhone 6 with Smart Postpaid plan now at 600 per month for 24 months (+399 plan so it's 999) with 1k cash out. That totals to 25k, including almost 10k worth of Smart services (3gb monthly data, unli text, 20 mins calls, etc).

  7. Ano number ng agent nyo hehe

  8. 1,100 x 24 months plus 6,000 dp is way too expensive for a 2014 released iphone model

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