My Favorite and Best iPhone Apps Early 2010

My Favorite and Best iPhone Apps Early 2010


This video shows my favorite iPhone apps as of 2010. What are your favorite apps that you use everyday?

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Comment what your favorite apps are right now and which apps you want ME to review 🙂

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  2. give it 5 stars huh….. 5 out of a 100! jk

  3. Nice wallpaper where can I get it?

  4. Top Comments are stupid.. I know plenty of people who have an iPhone for a work phone..

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  6. iPhone/iPod 4G camera quality test /watch?v=FJ3DP0SYghs

  7. @CrazyGamer147 Jailbreak it..

  8. how do you change the font for the time

  9. @crzdragon123 cydia is legal installous is not but he care LOL

  10. U have cydia but u dont have installous…. NONSENSE

  11. thanks a lot of help 5 stars

  12. Nice apps, im on yours too, dont like gaming xD prefer news and things like dat =D

  13. @alexosh1234 you might wanna put in a less hardcore game your i phone. cos if your in a place with no reception than games are the best way to pass time i would reccomend tetris or something like that. i prefer ps3 for my gaming and also think games just take space.

  14. you are a fail at sliding

  15. @xXGreyWolf I bought a book on Amazon yesterday. The book cost $20. 1 days shipping was $20, 2 day shipping was $13, and 3-5 day shipping was $4.
    By paying the $79, 1 day shipping is $4 and 2 day shipping is free. Those prices probably change depending on what you buy, but if you use Amazon a lot it's very helpful.
    Also, the first time you use Amazon, you get a 1 month free trial (but you have to make sure that you don't auto-upgrade the $79 to premiere membership if you don't want to pay).

  16. 1:51 you pay $79 a year and you get things in 2 days free of charge. What?

  17. He sent himself 7 messeges to make himself look popular.

  18. this guy really says nice ALOT

  19. my favorite app is the yellow note pad

  20. How did you get the battery percentage in the top right hand corner?

  21. i get it they are all well made

  22. "I have a credit card for when I go places, and I need to use it." wow

  23. @hamzaahmed97 I think the ''Overdo'' or something like that

  24. best app ever, GymBabes 😀

  25. "please rate 5 star thanks alot".,,, no, i will watch the video then decide whether your worthy 🙂 your not, sorry lol

  26. didn't catch the name of the theme – what was it??

  27. Great Video!! Keep up the good work.

  28. @alexosh1234 your to responsible.

  29. @alexosh1234 its not a bad thing 🙂 angry birds ftw

  30. This guy is a knob head.. "Urghmmm I dont normally play games… I do importa-." blah blah stfu. Nerd.

  31. Wow I thank u so much for answering my comment lol , didn't think anyone would. Indeed it is a cool lookin font but isn't font swap for ios's lower than 4.0? Again appreciate ur commenting 🙂

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