MXQ Pro TV Box REVIEW – Amlogic S905, Android 5.1

MXQ Pro TV Box REVIEW – Amlogic S905, Android 5.1


The review of the MXQ Pro Tv Box.
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Android 5.1 Lollipop OS
Amlogic S905 Quad-Core
Hardware Specifications :
Chipset :Amlogic S905 Quad-Core Cortex-A53@2.0GHz
GPU: Penta-Core Mali-450@600MHz+
Power Supply:DC 5V/2A
Power Indicator (LED)
Power ON :blue; Standby :Red

Background music:
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  1. when you plug in the power adapter, does the device also turn on?

  2. can you check for me there is any physical reset button?

  3. does the 1080p 60fps run smooth?

  4. what is the difference in mxq pro 4k hd android 6.0 marshmallow and a mxq pro 4k hd android 6.0 lollipop? is one better then the other?

  5. Hi, Is it Possible to Instal Apps from the play store. Such as IVMS 4500 ? for live streaming

  6. i wanted to see how tv actually worked and the movies you didnt really play anything

  7. I got a few of these boxes, they work really good and for 45 bucks shipped to the door how can you go wrong.

  8. Some no is I click on with the android app has no sound is there a reason for that

  9. My play store app dosent work

  10. sir do you use mouse on the box? thanks

  11. Is there any firmware update for this box..if yes how I can do that?

  12. any budy tell me where is service center & repairing in delhi india

  13. Hey when are you going to continue to do more tv box reviews????

  14. Hi there,

    I have a similar box but I want to upgrade the memory do you know how to do this?

  15. In my device mxq pro there is no navigation bar at the bottom

  16. In my country, the salesman claims, that this box supports DVB T2 terrestrial tv signal. If that's true, where is connector for tv antenna than? Thanks for great video!

  17. does it support x265/HEVC Videos

  18. Hi Redkull. I would like to know your opinion what android box can you suggest that will support 128gb sd card (for int. storage), and 4TB HDD (ext. storage), has at least android 6.0, 4K, and at least 2GB ram, for under $100 or less? I have a minix neo u1 already but its not reading anything cards or sticks under settings>storage, so im looking for a 2nd box for a separate tv that is abit cheaper but still meets the above criteria. will the MXQ Pro do this? or can you suggest any other? What can you suggest?

  19. Can I use the keyboard on it?

  20. hi red skull, i need to know does it support screen mirroring to Samsung phone like j7 prime with OS of 6.0 or high?

  21. When I download the app showbox or other movie apps they open on the screen as a mobile phone app only small on the screen, what do I have to do to show them in full screen ?

  22. I just bought this android but it won't stream. Anyone know why?

  23. hi nice video,it is possible kodi 64 bit to install? And is possible conecting keyboard with bluetooth or cable?thx

  24. Hey,
    I have just bought this it will be tomorrow delivered I hope.
    Can I use it for KODI? (Exodus and live TV)
    I only want the MXQ Pro for exodus (for watching new movies with subtitles) and live tv.

  25. I own a similar device and want to upgrade the Android version, and if possible the firmware. Can this be done easily? And do you know where to obtain the correct software?

  26. What was the channel he turned it to before he plugged it in

  27. Question? This tvbox can play iptv at 1080 with no pauses? And on kodi-exodus – can play 1080 movies without pauses or slowdowns?

  28. does anybody can help, i like this box but the 90% of time i want to watch something keeps louding inf, it does not matter what i want to see, if im lucky i will get in on one icon and wat other than that i did not work, keep louding inf …… how can i make it work?

  29. Is that worth a upgrade from an original mxq?

  30. Does this have wireless or do you need to use an ethernet cable?

  31. Hi, I have one of these exact boxes. Before I had an older version of an android box. The problem I have is the sound level is not as good as the old one. I have set it up exactly the same & tried to change basic settings but where before I could have the volume settings at an average mid level both on the box & stereo system I have to have the box & stereo turned up almost full level to have the same sound level. Can you advice if this is normal or can I try something else. I use HDMI & I have tried a several different cords, AV, SPDIF both to the TV & stereo system but is the same. Thank you.

  32. Hi
    great review, can u tell me how to get 5.1 sound output from the box? I have mine conected via hdmi to a Sony HT-IS100, I have hdmi checked in sound settings but can not get anything to play in 5.1
    any help would be great

  33. i bought it to use netflix, sadly, the Android kit kat is a horrendus mod for this chinese box, for example, if you want to scroll through a list, it cannot be done because it needs an external mouse!. also, after using it a few hours, the device blinks like losing and regaining the hdmi signal. i had to return it, since the brand says that the issue is form netflix, not the device, that use an android mod intended to work on touchpad devices = /. dont buy it!

  34. Do we have Amazon Prime Videos on this?

  35. Is there a maximum size SD card that can be used. I have tried 3 different cards and I see no difference on screen. How does one know if they are working? What are they capable of doing? Sorry, I'm fairly new at this.

  36. prob lem getting it on wi fi…

  37. Very cool Marvel style open

  38. Just opened this and am trying it out – is it possible to get Netflix? – not working for me….

  39. Can the MXQ Pro TV Box be connected to speakers via an amplifier?

  40. Hi,

    I would like to ask, if I can use the MXQ device as input device for a DAC converter?
    The USB connection is able to use as output to send the digital audio data to the DAC (which will send the analog music information via RCA to the amplifier)?

    Thanks ind advance 🙂

  41. hi redskull
    please tell me if this mq pro 1g s905 run well and no bugs ? and what about kodi and apps , it works well? if i add iptv server it will works well without lags or cut or bugs
    thanks my friend

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