Motorola Atrix HD Review – Best Smartphone Value?

Motorola Atrix HD Review – Best Smartphone Value?


Motorola Atrix HD Review – Best Smartphone Value?

On paper, we knew that the Atrix HD compared well to what the Samsung Galaxy SIII and the HTC One X offer. Still, we were skeptical the Atrix HD could fight on a par with handsets $100 more than its $99 (or $49 at Best Buy) price tag. Motorola claims the Atrix is Slimmer, Stronger, Smarter than its older sibling, the Atrix 2. The Atrix HD lacks NFC and is short 8GB of storage, when compared to the Galaxy S III and the One X, but it managed to keep up in a lot of other ways. The Atrix HD has a slightly smaller screen (4.5 inches) compared to Galaxy S III’s 4.8-inch screen and HTC One X’s 4.7-inch display (but packs in the same resolution, which allows for a crisper display). There’s a small difference in specs, so let’s see why the Motorola Atrix HD is a worthy (and budget friendly) competitor to our two favorite AT&T phones. Full review:

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  1. it has lollipop 5.0 now

  2. I loved this phone. I had it for 8 months a couple years ago when it came out had it in an otterbox, never touched the actual phone cuz it was fully encased. and I dropped it outside of my dudes traphouse and the police got it illegally unlocked it and went through all my pics calls and texts, and the drug task force showed up banging down my door. got a lawyer and it never went to court. but I know it's still sitting inside the desk of the head of drug task force fuckin still Brand new after all these years. they printed all my pics out on paper and got mad noodz pics of my sexy ass gf and pics and videos of us fuckin and her fuckin giant ass titties.

  3. I think it's the best I don't care what anyone else thinks. it works just fine

  4. Battery on atrix HD sucks. 10 min's on a fully charged battery and you'll be sitting at 70%

  5. Don't buy this its so bad buy an iphone

  6. now there is a mod for the phone to where you can install the 3300mah droid razr maxx battery inside it  xda-dev is a wonderful website, it makes me want to get the phone just to do the mod.

  7. After switching to the galaxy s3, I can say the Atrix HD is crap. It has a great screen and is just as powerful as the s3 but thats about it. It was buggy, had no real features, bad battery life and wasnt very popular.

  8. Would this phone (already unlocked) work on T-Mobile's network?
    I once read that unlocked phones may not be fully functional when switched from one carrier to another (ie. web browser, messaging services, apps might not work)

  9. Subscribe to +ImAdarius

  10. can u use snapchat with this?

  11. I just got the Motorola atrix yesterday and it's been great so far

  12. I flashed the nexus 4 android 4.2.2 camera app onto my Motorola Atrix HD and picture quality is AMAZING now. Using that camera app instead of the original makes a huge difference. No more graininess in pictures and lowlight quality is 10 times better.

  13. obviously all of them android ,iphone,htc dont keep charge for that long but that motorola drink it seriously

  14. I don't know what you guys r talking about I got multiple Atrix HD like 5 months ago and do like a lot of crap on it and the battery last forever and also the camera is not a bad the pic I took was bad because I were moving at the last minute that's why it was blurry any phone would do that so take another pic and see what it does

  15. Same here this phone is great for me

  16. I have the phone and I like it alot my battery can last for between 8-14 hrs. depending how much I use it. There is nothing that I really hate about this phone.

  17. I like the phone a lot, but the batter is just terrible, and the camera could b a lot better than what it is. Motorola failed with the battery

  18. with a 2 year plan…….

  19. works with 3g and 4g at&t network out of the box.

  20. Battery life is a slight dissapointment

  21. This phone is pretty cool for a cheap smartphone. I'm using it right now; graphics are nice, performance is great, but don't :expect it to be on par with an s4 or newer smart phones.

  22. Can the battery be replaced if the wire connected to it ripped? Please respond

  23. is this phone able to work in 3g or 4g on a carrier out of at&t?

  24. This phone today is only worth $15 at at&t

  25. This phone has screen problems and miss taps when you tap somewhere

  26. Its called motoblur, but Motorola made it really close to stock android like on the nexus

  27. I meant the arrow thing got removed

  28. Check what android os version you have. The smart actions got removed in the jelly bean update.

  29. I had this phone. It got stolen, I'm about to buy another one. Thats how much I loved this phone


  31. I have this, I find Motorola's stock launcher terrible and laggy so I installed nova prime and that made it a lot better

  32. i had razer 1 i had razer 2 but need razer droid and ATT dose not have them! WHY!!!

  33. use smartaction app. it helps ur battery last longer

  34. Its a great phone and battery isnt perfect so use smartaction app and it will last many days

  35. weak battery 1780maAh sry bro………motorola defy all the way

  36. I have this phone it is awful

  37. Don't get pantach to laggy and Motorola is better in screen and camera and battery pan tech don't even match it and design is even better

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