Moto G4 Play Review: Is this the Best Budget Phone?

Moto G4 Play Review: Is this the Best Budget Phone?


Here’s my review of the Moto G Play. This is the 4th generation of the Moto G line and the play is the budget offering out of the Moto G phones that were released this year. Watch for the full review!

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  1. after searching i found it for only 110$CAD

  2. I have one but I can't play heavy games it's too laggy

  3. Is this phone slim and lightweight like lg k4?

  4. Best smartphone in it's price range. You can get one for $50 or less. Camera isn't good, and there's no NFC, but it does everything else you need. Near stock Android, and support for all carriers (unlocked version)

  5. I've got it, after a couple of months the charging time went up but I absolutely love it

  6. I got my moto G4 play at Best Buy for 56$ cheap I have Verizon

  7. WHo the fck makes a phone without a Gyroscope? lol.

  8. Just bought it today was $58 and best part is that I don't even care to get the Samsung Galaxy S7 . I have Verizon and happy left boost Mobile no more dropped calls and I can hear people on the phone clearly.

  9. this phone was on sale for $40 on amazon. glad I made the purchase!

  10. Got it for about 70 bucks GG.

  11. I have one and it's to thick I think the phone sides and the whole phone is to Thick but I love how it works

  12. how can I restore my 4g

  13. its not turbo charging, but it does charge very fast with a samsung quick charger……

  14. Price matched at Walmart for $49, can use turbo charger from samsung….works just as well.

  15. my moto was only $30 at Family Dollars. Its a really good price and its a pretty good phone

  16. friend pls tell me when my g4 play will get nougat

  17. How can I enable Google assistant on it?
    I love Google Assistant..

    Please Reply me!!

  18. thank you for making this video my phone broke today so i need a good smartphone for not much money 🙂

  19. is this phone better than lenovo K6 in term of user experience, quality and performance?

  20. I prefer Samsung but I have to say I just bought the Moto G4 Play it's very smooth and fast. pictures are good and battery life is much better than my old Galaxy s6 . the speaker is very loud which I like. I recommend this phone if you on a tight budget but need something more modern.

  21. he looks a lot like emraan hasmi

  22. your eyes are very close to each other

  23. I used this phone to take a photograph of a fat man pissing on a cabbage while a curious ostrich looked on.

  24. hey matt. could you help with transfer of internal storage to micro sd card storage ? cant find the right area to do this. my sam j3 is easy but this gas stumped me

  25. samsung on 7 pro or moto g4 play which is better>??

  26. This is a good review. Thanks…

  27. This phone is 99 dollars on Amazon if you have prime.

  28. I just noticed that I'm watching this on a g4 play

  29. I just want a good basic phone that isn't to big for a pocket. At the current almost everywhere price of $84.99 I think this is the one.

  30. When you find an inexpensive phone that does all the basics well, is a pleasure to use, and has great battery life, you have hit the jackpot. That's what this phone is. I love mine. Terrific review.

  31. I don't agree that turbo charging is a must-have these days. However, this seems like a high-quality review overall.

  32. Nice review…I am gonna buy this phone

  33. is this phone worth it for 35$ ? it's on sale at best buy need a temporary phone

  34. Thanks for pointing out it does run Pokemon GO. I was worried for a minute there mate!

  35. I had a 100% defect rate with GPS across 4 G4 Plays. If you don't need and will never need GPS, the Play is a good option.

  36. I like how this is one of the few budget smartphone review that doesn't have an East Indian accent.

  37. You didn't mention the splash proof Nano coating …

  38. will this phone be stable for a kid playing Pokemon go?

  39. just picked it up at best buy for 139.99 canadian. very impressed

  40. can someone please tell me if the volume is high

  41. Is the Moto G play the same as the the Moto G4 play??

  42. I Own One As Of A Month Ago And Love it…. smooth Clean Fast Cheap And Believe It Or Not It's My First Android Phone…Been An Apple Fan & user For 6 years Till it stopped Working cause Of the new 4G LTE…..On Verizon & didn't Want To Spend On Another (High Priced) Apple 7-8 or 9 What Ever May Be Out By Now….thanks For The Nice Review…….

  43. Thanks Mathew for an objective review that motivated me to make my final decision and order one (not the permanently cluttered Amazon despite their discount) from Motorola at a special price of $129.95/free shipping. Like one of your reviewers said, and like you inferred, this is the right phone for me because: I am 70 years old, not a gamer, rarely listen to music but might start on my dog walks, use a puter connected to a 55 inch tv for all of my internet associated activity, and don't need to crop out an eyeball on a balloonist half mile away with a camera over 5M much less 8. Who sends picture files that large anyways? I need an inexpensive, realistic size phone first, like the replaceable battery and optional storage. Nuff said bout my choice cept thanks again Mathew for the shove to a G4 Play.

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