MONSTER HUNTER STORIES (iPhone, iPad, Android) | Pocket Gamer Review

MONSTER HUNTER STORIES (iPhone, iPad, Android) | Pocket Gamer Review


Now that we’ve proved that Monster Hunter Stories does in fact run on your iPhone and Android handsets, it’s time to find out whether it’s any good. Does this turn-based spin-off capture the grandure and scope of the core franchise? Or has the loss of real time combat pulled the heart out of the beast?





  1. Can we get elder dragons other than the Kirin duo in the US mobile version or is Capcom just outright refusing to give us Teostra, Kushala Daora, and Rajang?

  2. It's a pretty charming, and fun turn based RPG to be honest. Getting excited to hunt eggs and hatch a PICKLE that pulverized everything in its path. The game is fun in short burst and and long session.

    A major downside that this game is a battery drainer and heat your phone quickly. And it carries the dreaded Online DRM check that if you want to play offline, you need to put the game on standby and not restart the app, I don't like it but I know it's was an anti piracy measure, hopefully the game will receive updates that added monsters and events like it on the 3ds.

  3. Would my Moga Controller work with this?

  4. The game keeps crashing on my phone…

  5. Can you play this offline?? Using android

  6. LOL. “Hard to recommend over the core games in either of its inspired franchises.” Are you kidding me? It’s not meant compete with the main games for a recommendation or to appeal to hardcore monster hunter fans exclusively- it’s meant to appeal to people who like the monster hunter world without the tedium of essentially killing near-identical bosses for 15 hours to get a new hat.

    Your review is like saying that Super Smash Brothers is hard to recommend over Zelda: Breath of the Wild because it lacks story elements that make Zelda a Zelda game. Or Mario Kart is hard to recommend because the characters are more shallow than the core games that they represent. Same game world, different kind of game. Not a hard thing to understand.

    As a hardcore Monster Hunter fan with over 600 hours in virtually every core monster hunter release since the games inception, I loved monster hunter stories and felt the whole idea refreshing. Would love to see another game along these lines with more robust equipment and ability to customize monsters more. Great first stab at a game like this on mobile.

    Amazing how these “reviewers” compare games based on their worlds and not the game type. In my examples above, comparing MH Stories to MH core games is like comparing rpg’s to racing games, rpg’s to fighting games, and in the case of MH, comparing a turn based jrpg to a real time action game. Remember all of those people comparing Mario Kart to Yoshi’s Island? Yea- I don’t either.

    What a “review”.

  7. If you like pokemon and monster hunter, this game is the best thing that can ever happen to you. I haven’t loved a game this much in years.

  8. Oh ok, I'll buy Pokémon and Monster Hunter from the play store and play those instead then. Oh wait, they aren't on the play store. Literally what was the point of this review?

  9. I rather play this than copy and paste everything from 10 years ago and release it on switch aka mhu

  10. My dude, for one you only played the demo.. Two, you didn't even mention the pvp.. You collect monsters, yup. You tastefully grind for more monsters or even monsters you already have to see if maybe the base stats are better than the one you've been using. Not to mention each monster has a great kindred move you unlock ASIDE from the ones they auto use in battle.. Pokemon has turn based catch'm, sure.. Pokemon is pokemon an I'm tired of pokemon an for those who are intrigued by what I'm saying, you should try the free demo. It's awesome, the controls flow, the gameplay is smooth, it's built by Capcom, lovingly put together for fans of the franchise to be familiar with. Also, there's well built character creation and several armors to gratifyingly create (stylish to boot). And did I mention a network battle mode? I've personally tried it an couldn't believe how much I was involved in a turn base battle since final fantasy (and it's against another player!). I go in to the network nervous cuz I don't wanna get obliterated by their first move which was what I was worried about in other games (pay to win). I had fun battling next to my personally handpicked and trained monstie (stupid idea for a name for your personal monsters but what r u gonna do..) in the demo I had my yian kut-ku and because I've been side by side w it for a while I knew it's moves well.. This isn't a pokemon battle.. This is a monster hunter turn base battle.

  11. "Nothing here that pokemon can't do"
    I don't see a pokeRPG on mobile, do you? Just go and rumble. Which can definitely be fun, but also definitely ain't RPGs.

  12. For 20 dollars this looks pretty good on iOS/Android

  13. Honestly I enjoy this more than any Pokemon game I've ever played

  14. What I’m looking forward for monster hunter is pvp oriented type game instead of beating up a monster how about Arena where players can duke it out.

  15. He always got something negative say about every game he review but don’t listen to him it’s a great game

  16. Ok, but there is no core monster hunter experience on mobile so why even compare? I own this game, it is ok but not brilliant but I enjoy my time with it. It has its problems but there have nothing to do with not being a core monster hunter experience. I think that while reviewing mobile game you should compare it with other mobile games not core monster hunter game.
    That said, while being "7.5/10" game on its own I think this is one of the better mobile jrpg out there on mobile and this is what is most important. I don't think that there are people out there who are wondering should they rather play this on their phone or Monster Hunter World on console. I dislike this review – its lazy.

  17. Great review! I was wondering what was happening with the Dragalia Lost review you said would be out this week. Will it be released tommorow or like 2 days later? Just askin

  18. Not the Monster Hunter I was expecting even tho it's for Mobile, the reasone I love the series it's for its real-time battles/hunts…
    On a side note…
    So… Did Pocket Gamer buy AppSpy or what am I missing here? Not saying it's a bad thing, just asking.

  19. It's a shame that this game cost $21 but can't be played OFFLINE? Good thing I refund it after playing the game less than 1 day and read the comments/reviews/feedbacks, looks like CAPCOM not learning their lessons from Street Fighter 4 Champion Edition. Shame that it's a great game, but requires constant connection to fully enjoy the game just for verification or other stuff requires.

  20. I don't like the Monster Hunter games at all, but really enjoyed this on 2DS. Wish they'd port it to Switch because the HD gfx here are a noticeable upgrade from the 3DS version.

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