MobilityFlow Animated Weather App for Android | Pocketnow

MobilityFlow Animated Weather App for Android | Pocketnow


Read: In this video, we show you MobilityFlow’s latest app, called Animated Weather. It’s a port of their Windows Mobile version over to Android and brings some fancy animated effects.

Two versions: Free, ad-supported and Pro for $4.95 (will include widgets and other features in the future)

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MobilityFlow Animated Weather App for Android | Pocketnow



  1. How do you get the live weather app. I can't find it in the app store. Thanks

  2. I need htc waether app this app is avelable in desire s

  3. "hefty $4 and 99 cents" , NIGGA IF THATS HEFTY U LIVING IN POVERTY MY NIGGA

  4. Does Anyone Know A Clock & Weather App That iCan Install THAT WON'T Change The Wallpaper OR Theme iHave Going On ?

  5. beatifull!!! how much does the battery last?

  6. can i download it on my lg optimus 2x?

  7. whenever it rains cover ur phone because the weather app may ruin ur phone … it is a P.J …. : )

  8. PLease answer: how do you change the color of the clock in main screen?

  9. Added to Favorites…..will install as soon as i get my Vibrant 😀

  10. @Leprechaun79 its the paid version because he has more than 3 days of weather forecast

  11. Cloud, Cloud, Cloud and Cloud!!

  12. @khsfksjdkfjlsj we use Fahrenheit in the United States

  13. @khsfksjdkfjlsj Maybe because its really easy to program in an option to display Celsius also?

  14. i must say these smart phones of the future are getting smarter and smarter.

  15. I like HTC Sense weather animations better

  16. Welcome to an age where even checking the weather forecast will rape your battery!

  17. @rosander08 i would think so, try the free version and find out

  18. What version was used in the vid…paid or free?

  19. would i be able to get this for the droid x?

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