Microsoft Surface Pro 6 Review: Still the best tablet PC

Microsoft Surface Pro 6 Review: Still the best tablet PC


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Microsoft’s Surface Pro 6 is the ideal hybrid tablet. It’s a slate that can run all of the Windows apps you need, and together with its keyboard cover, it can also serve as a solid ultraportable laptop. But honestly, the same was true for last year’s Surface Pro, a machine that was mostly a spec bump from 2015’s Pro 5.This latest Surface isn’t the major redesign we’ve been waiting for, but it’s still a great option for anyone looking for a unique ultraportable PC. And at least it finally comes in black again.

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  1. No much innovation since the SP3.

  2. I’m sorry, I can’t take seriously a review that includes complains about the color of a device.

  3. Surface book is the all be all , in my opinion but that price lets very few into its playground

  4. Can it run Unreal Engine 4?

  5. can anybody tell me if sims 4 works on this?

  6. I NeeD tHIs bUT I caN'T AfoRT iT :C

  7. your videos are of really good quality , you deserve more views.

  8. I have the surface pro 4. I've been using it for 2 years and I am AMAZED the kickstand hinges still work like new. I thought they would break or wear out after a few months; and yet, they still work as awesome as ever 30 months later.

  9. watching this on Surface Pro 4

  10. Who works on a subway car?

  11. microsoft sells a usbc dongle for $79.

  12. at the begin of the video i liked it, t the end i loved it!!!!!!!!

  13. I have an older version, but I would buy a new one if it would have a full sd slot. Love this machine.

  14. Can you use the old model keyboard on the surface pro 6?

  15. I don't get the need for a redesign or aesthetics in a comp. Most gen upgrade are really at its core just spec bumps. Better battery, screen, and speed; sounds like a winner

  16. Hope it helps to save your money, folks!
    It will cost you a new one display for get a new battery, because surface pro line (from pro 3 model) is totally solid and the only way to get inside of it – is to kill your LCD – it's glued everywhere! Totally non-repairable device. I've sold my old one pro 2017 because of this (the battery get degraded from daily usage, and there was no hope to easy replace of it). Looking for Dell's latitude 2 in 1 series now because of this reason (it's much more easier to service).

  17. I just got the Surface Pro 2017 and love it! This 6 seems like merely a spec bump like he said. Maybe I'll be ready to buy again for the 7, when hopefully there will be real innovation to be excited about. Love the Surface line.

  18. Well we know he's an Apple fan. I can type on a surface pro keyboard all day to and iPad is not a solid competitor imo.

  19. So close but still no thunderbolt 3. That's literally all I want and its game over for my iPad.

  20. Im still in a perplexed state!

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