Microsoft Surface Phone | What You Need to Know

Microsoft Surface Phone | What You Need to Know


Microsoft Surface Phone: We take a look at the news and rumours around Microsoft’s next generation phone. Set to launch with a host of new features, there’s plenty to get excited about.

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  1. please upload more microsoft mobile video so that i would stop watching them

  2. this is now june? er where is it? coming soon you say?

  3. I still wont the Nokia ringtones

  4. Eso sí es una nueva categoría que de seguro impondrá tendencia en los futuros teléfonos. Espero que tarde o temprano lleguen estos teléfonos al mercado de consumo.

  5. Cant wait for Scorpio and Surface Phone!!!

  6. I love all this competition

  7. You know it's funny that they can make the best phone on planet earth, but if they stick to the terrible ui of windows mobile then nothing will change. I had a windows phone for 1 hour and I got so upset with using it I just gave it back. Seriously microsoft.

  8. iphone is the crapist company every

  9. only cared about windows because of Nokia…

    now Nokia making Android I'm happy

  10. California Giant? More fake news. SMH

  11. Californian giant?? when did they move from Seattle Washington to California?? hmmmmmm things happen very quickly nowadays 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  12. If microsoft didn't release a phone this year I wouldn't be shocked they really need to work in app market

  13. Both links are dead. MIcrosoft is not a California Giant. "Barbra" is spelled wrong in the demonstration. A hinge is not necessary for a smartphone to become a tablet.

  14. Microsoft should have been working on launching a Surface Phone two years ago to be announced as soon as the Lumia brand was discontinued. If they wait until 2018, Surface Phone will be dead in the United States market.

  15. just switched to android lol

  16. windowsphone was death!!!

  17. The problem here is that even if microsoft build the most beautiful phone. What are you going to run on it? The windows store is dead and running computer apps on it would make it a mess. Yes they could build a phone that folds but where are the apps?

  18. wow I would like to see how much money it will cost. I hope its cheap like cheese cake with a soda pop 🙂

  19. if Microsoft were smart, the phone would fit into an affordable gamepad controller turning it into a mobile handheld to rule them all!

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