Microsoft OneNote Tutorial

Microsoft OneNote Tutorial


Need to learn Microsoft OneNote? We’ve got you covered! This tutorial will teach you everything you need to know about OneNote in less than 30 minutes.

Why do we love OneNote? There’s a list of reasons. It’s simple to use, FREE, and works on basically everything whether you’re on a Mac, Windows PC, Android phone/tablet, iPhone/iPad, etc. So while you may notice some slight graphical changes depending on what device you’re using OneNote on, basically everything should be the same.

We’ll show you in this tutorial how to create notebooks and organize your information into section groups, sections, pages, and sub pages. We’ll also go over using the OneNote Web Clipper to allow you to pull data from web pages.


OneNote Web Clipper:

Need to upgrade your storage beyond 5gb?:

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  1. When you are using the draw option and are taking down notes using the stylus, the keyboard keeps propping up due to the touch sensitivity. How to prevent that?

  2. can you add note clipper to Android tablet version?

  3. This was very helpful. Someone recommended that I start using it. Thanks

  4. 20:19 how can you move your screen to different section like that?

  5. Anyone know how to sync with dropbox? This is my main issue. Thanks!

  6. I really like to use one note for my college notes, but i'm having trouble with saving the document has a pdf without getting deformed, because i want to be able to print it, could you hep me please?
    Tank you

  7. Sir there is no option for sub section

  8. So I use OneNote to take notes on my iPad. Do you have tips for how to convert these notes into a pdf format that us easy to view. Every time I use the export to Pdf function on my iPad, it turns the file in to a giant pdf that is not normal page dimensions. On the other hand, when I export to Pdf on my Mac, it does not select the right width of notes and my page is split into multiple columns that exports in a weird order.

  9. Did you ever go over how to create the sectioned folder? I can't for the life of me figure out how to do that. I use my notebook for personal reasons, so I have a sectioned folder titled Homeschool and then I have subfolders for different years. I'd like to do the same thing with my Journal section, but I can't figure out how.

  10. Thank you, David, you have explained this application in very clear word.

  11. The way how you introduced the ad halfway through the video was really smooth. I applaud your professionalism

  12. excellent tutorial. thank you

  13. To the right of tags is "Find Tags". You mentioned you can't search by tags, but that button is one of the best 'find' I've used in MS Office. Even groups your tags, such as all your Ideas together, or To Do's, etc. Very handy feature that should be shared with your users.

  14. I have been an Evernote die hard……going to spend the next month using OneNote in the same way. Thanks for the tutorial….very helpful!

  15. david a cox have a lot of information about mac and a lot of tips

  16. LOL in min 5:49 /// Anyway, thanks for the tips

  17. Great tutorial!!! Really like the pace and step by step instruction. Thank you for posting!!!

  18. It's good, but Evernote is a lot better, in all the ways.

  19. The first quick tip made me jump, which was kind of funny

  20. How can I a/ delete a note b/ transfer a note from Notebook A to Notebook B

  21. thanks so much. Hope to see you later.

  22. How can you prevent students to edit certain notebooks?

  23. can transfer file from/to android from/to mac? thanks

  24. Why bother having tags if you can't search tags? Huge dissapoinment

  25. For an accounting student do you recommend a traditional laptop or something like an ipad+ pencil? I feel like an ipad+ pencil is more flexible if i have to draw table/odd shape in conjuction with the normal word note. I imagine using trackpad+keyboard will take more effort because drawing shape with trackpad is harder

  26. Notability is the best. Can OneNote do what Notability can do?

  27. Thank you I really appreciate your intro into Notebook. Very helpful!

  28. Very helpful. I might try and find a video regarding the PC version of OneNote to see how much it differs from my Mac version.

  29. Alguno sabe por que no funciona con mi sansumg s4 grande?, antes andaba ahora no la puedo descargar, li idea es usar algun tipo de exel para depues poder cargar datos ahi, si laguien sabe me avisa, muchas gracias

  30. Thank you Mr. Cox I really enjoyed this class.

  31. Is it possible to transfer ownership of a notebook? Lets say, if an employee were to be terminated but we wanted to continue editing and updating his/her shared notebook

  32. What's this version you are using? I'm with the latest and it's very different of yours

  33. How can I sort one-note notes on app alphabetically

  34. Great class, taught me a lot!

  35. sir did you know why the simbol "add page" in my onenote is located at my right side?I found yours is at left side

  36. Fantastic video! I will be using the clipper now thanks for that tip! 🙂

  37. Hey David, how do we insert video into the OneNote? Also when pictures or PDF in printout mode attached, can we delete the files where they are sourced from? and OneNote still can work? Meaning would it just import everything and not matter whether the source is there or not after import…?

  38. Very detailed review. Excellent job.

  39. Thank you so much for this video. I found it very informative and you gave me a few other helpful hints that I had no idea I could use!! Thanks!

  40. I like the purple owl. 🙂

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