Microsoft Lumia 550 review: a budget Lumia that doesn’t deliver

Microsoft Lumia 550 review: a budget Lumia that doesn’t deliver


Video review of the Microsoft Lumia 550.


  1. I have this phone … the worst phone i ever had ….android rulrzzz

  2. i have this phone. the only thing i would say about it is i wished it had snapchat avaliable to be downloaded on it x

  3. For someone who only uses a smartphone for talk, text, outlook to check emails, and web surf for a short time…This phone is good enough to get by after your last phone accidentally broke, and need something quick n' easy until you save enough to get a more expensive phone that you want.

  4. but its a good Budget Mobile !!

  5. very awkward to set up FB Messenger Properly !!! the Call and Video chat s NOT there to use !!!

  6. this thing blows the iphone 6 out of the water 😂

  7. Need help with decision making between Lumia 550 vs Lenovo Vibe K5 plus or say other device in the sub INR 8000 range.

    My primary usage is for the following.
    Calling 4-5 hours per day.
    Sms/Whatsapp/Skype for business
    Photograph (largerly snapshots of Notices, letters and other paper documents)
    headset usage for calling
    Office 365
    9 am to 9 pm approx i.e.12 hours away from charging access

    I have a one plus for android goodies anyways ( my entertainment needs are taken care off). I need suggestions purely for the above mentioned usage.

  8. so let me put this to you… "as you can se here we have the ferrari 458 spider… it's much more better than this shitty ford fiesta… as you see, the paint on the ferrari is superb although the fiesta got a shitty paint job"… damn… what the hell are you comparing?

  9. Microsoft Lumia 550 is meant to be budget friendly, basic phone. Now you can get it for less than $70 US Dollars, I'd say it's worth it for many people who don't care much about the design. To many, a phone is like a car, they just need it to go from point A to B. If they want nicer design and better performance, obviously they would spend more money. I find it unfair when you compare it to both 650 and 930, which are considerably more expensive today. I just did a search on amazon for example so I know. Maybe back in March the prices were not significantly different than today's date.

  10. Thinking about buying a 550, so im looking online for pros and cons. I appreciate ppl like you, doing the legwork for the rest of us.
    Personal note on my behalf. You go on about the version numbers of the internal components over and over untill i get dizzy.
    For me its to much numbers. Mentioning them once would been OK, but it goes on untill i totaly loose track.
    I still give a thumbs up though. I do appreciate the review.

  11. will i be able to connect the 550 to my computer with the USB cable or does it require the zune software or something like that ?

  12. wow man totally took your advice and got the lumia 640 instead of the lumia 550. 640 is an awesome device. thanks again bud !!

  13. My 532 has glance screen

  14. A very good in depth review. I'm looking to go back to wp after using iphone 4. Looks like a nice phone. My previous wp was the lumia 625. Is this a better device than the 625 ?

  15. hey i can get this phone for 90$ here in india and lumia 650 is 210$ and i cant get it ,, soo i can get this phone for 40$ on exchange of my 2 year old lumia 535 …. In india only lumias on sale are 640xl , 535 ,540 , 650 ,950……so is this phone an upgrade over 535 ,i like clearblack, glance and 720p display , and i hate 2 things equally – bugs of windows 10 mobile and Low res display of 535

  16. I like it for it's smaller body than the 640.

  17. I wish people stopped dissing this phone. Let me say one thing that should guide how you read the rest of this post: IT IS A DECENT BUDGET PHONE. I bought it specifically to test Win 10 mobile on something cheap, enrolled in the Insider programme and been playing with this ever since. A few comments on your review:
    a) Design. I have to repeat: it is a budget phone. You can't and shouldn't expect too much. That being said, I have the white variant, which looks a great deal better than the black one.
    b) Disply. It is really nice for this price category: very sharp, nice blacks for an LCD, and it has Glance Screen, which is a huge plus (which I guess people who have never used it won't appreciate in full).
    c) LTE. So many people compare this phone to cheap Chinese Androids, but there is a catch with those: lack of European LTE frequencies. This one has them.
    d) Camera. I find it pretty decent when the light is good. Otherwise, it's mediocre. Not bad, not excellent. It works well for the usual purposes of a phone camera; you don't want to shoot art photos on it anyway. One note: HDR can be forced ON in my version of W10M.
    e) CPU. Yes, it is underpowered. You won't play games with it and there will be lag, occasionally. But most of the time, it works well and the experience is not frustrating.
    f) Finally, the PRICE. I don't know about the US, but here in Europe, it is actually a good value for money. It's competition in the same price category suffers of various issues with connectivity (Chinese manufacturers); I think it is priced accordingly for a budget phone released by a major brand.

    One closing note: it is very interesting to run insider versions of Win10M on this phone. Seeing what the OS can do on higher-end hardware is not nearly as interesting as seeing how it perform under "adverse" conditions of a budget phone.

  18. Microsoft are ruining their own products. Let someone else run Windows Phone and make a better handsets. They really have lost their way. I have a 535 and regret updating to 10, runs awful. I guess you get what you pay for.

  19. Horse shit my Lumia 435 runs win 10 fine

  20. just got the new windows 10 update and it's so annoying that you can't hide the navigation bar on non-microsoft apps. Some apps are unusable because the nav bar hides certain parts of the screen. What's wrong with Microsoft!

  21. I just ordered a Microsoft lumia 550

  22. Microsoft is awful at making smartphone hardware… And software also

  23. I'm actually using my 630 more than my 550, the 550 is straight up shit. windows 10 mobile runs awful, the action centre lags so much and apps take forever to load.

  24. does it support full HD 1080p video playback?

  25. Hey they unlock it for free if you dont activate 640. I have done 4 of them.

  26. Nice rewiev. But the 550 isn't the one, that brought glance to the 500 series. My little brother's 532 has it. And I always wondered why they didn't put it on the 535. I miss it a lot.

  27. Waiting for the 650 Review! 😎

  28. I'm going to buy the 550 this week. I was looking at the 550 and 650 in a phone shop this week and I actually preferred the cheap 550 to the 650. it seemed quite fluid moving around the interface. I think the 550 is getting overlooked here.

  29. hay rich how are you. so here's a question, what's the difference between Samsung and LG always on and lumia glance screen.

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